1st Edition

The Future of English Teaching Worldwide Celebrating 50 Years From the Dartmouth Conference

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    The seminal Dartmouth Conference (1966) remains a remarkably influential moment in the history of English teaching. Bringing together leading voices in contemporary English education, this book celebrates the Conference and its legacy, drawing attention to what it has achieved, and the questions it has raised.

    Encompassing a multitude of reflections on the Dartmouth Conference, The Future of English Teaching Worldwide provides fresh and revisionist readings of the meeting and its leading figures. Chapters showcase innovative and exciting new insights for English scholars, and address both theoretical and practical elements of teaching English in a variety of settings and countries. Covering topics including the place of new media in English curricula, the role of the canon, poetry and grammar, the text is divided into three accessible parts:

    • Historical perspectives

    • Dartmouth today: why it still matters

    • Reflections: but for the future.

    This powerful collection will be of value to researchers, postgraduate students, literature scholars, practitioners, teacher educators, trainee and in-service teachers, as well as other parties involved in the teaching and study of English.


    About the Contirbutors and Editors

    Introduction Andy Goodwyn

    Section 1: Historical perspectives

    1. London English, the Dartmouth Seminar and Growth through English – Simon Gibbs

    2. Growth through English and The Uses of English: Literature, knowledge and experience - Wayne Sawyer

    3. Re-reading Dartmouth: An American Perspective on the Pasts and Presents of English Teaching - Jory Brass

    4. The impact of the Blue Books prior to Dartmouth – Lorna Smith

    5. Dartmouth and Personal Gowth in Australia: the New South Wales and Western Australian Curricula of The 1970s - Wayne Sawyer and Cal Durrant

    6. The Manifold Ways in which Language Works: The Generation After Dartmouth - John Willinksy

    7. The Many Voices of Dartmouth - John Hodgson and Ann Harris

    Section 2: Dartmouth today: why it still matters

    8. From Personal Growth [1966] to Personal Growth and Social Agency [2016] – proposing an invigorated model for the 21st Century - Andy Goodwyn

    9. Dartmouth’s Growth Model Reconceived from a Social Perspective - Peter Smagorinsky

    10. The status and relevance of the Growth model for a new generation of English teachers in New South Wales, Australia - Jacqueline Manuel and Don Carter

    11. Growing the nation: The influence of Dartmouth on the teaching of literature in subject English in Australia - Larissa McLean Davies, Lucy Buzacott and Susan K. Martin

    12. Language and Experience: (Rereading Growth Through English) - Brenton Doecke and John Yandell

    Section 3: Reflections: but for the future

    13. W(h)ither Media in English? - Steve Connolly

    14. Back to the future: the restoration of canon and the backlash against multiculturalism in secondary English curricula - Lesley Nelson-Addy, Nicole Dingwall, Victoria Elliott & Ian Thompson

    15. Finding and Keeping Poetry - Sue Dymoke

    16. Reading for Pleasure in English Class: Developing Reading Dispositions and Identities in a Digital Society - Joanne O’Mara and Catherine Beavis

    17. Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy and the Problem of Poverty: From Cultural Identity to Political Subjectivity - Todd DeStigter

    18. The Dartmouth Conference Revisited: Changing views of grammar - or not? - Annabel Watson and Debra Myhill

    19. "What is English?": New Directions for the Discipline in a Transnational World - Allison Skerrett and Saba Vlach


    Professor Andrew Goodwyn is President of IFTE, Head of Education at The University of Bedfordshire, and Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading, UK.

    Associate Professor Cal Durrant is Associate Professor (Adjunct) in the School of Education at Murdoch University, Australia.

    Professor Wayne Sawyer is Director of Research in the School of Education, Western Sydney University, Australia.

    Dr Lisa Scherff is a Faculty member at South Fort Myers High School, USA.

    Professor Don Zancanella is Professor Emeritus at the University of New Mexico, where he has taught since 1988.