1st Edition

The Future of Test-Based Educational Accountability

Edited By Katherine E. Ryan, Lorrie A. Shepard Copyright 2008
    330 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    In recent decades testing has become a much more visible and high-stakes accountability mechanism that is now seen as a powerful tool that can be used to drive school improvement. The purpose of this book is to identify and analyze the key issues associated with test-based educational accountability and to chart the future of educational accountability research. Chapter contributions are intended to be forward looking rather than a compendium of what has happened in the past. The book provides an accessible discussion of issues such as validity, test equating, growth modeling, fairness for special populations, causal inferences, and misuses of accountability data.

    Preface and Organization of the Book Part I. THE CONTEXT OF EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY Chapter 1. Educational Accountability Systems. Robert Linn Chapter 2. A Brief History of Accountability Testing: 1965-2007. Lorrie Shepard Chapter 3. The Politics of Educational Accountability: Can the Clock be Turned Back? Lorraine McDonnell Part II. EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: TECHNICAL AND SUBTANTIVE ISSUES Chapter 4: Further Steps Toward the Development of an Accountability-Oriented Science of Measurement. Dan Koretz Chapter 5: Reliability of Large-Scale Assessment and Accountability Systems. Vonda Kiplinger Chapter 6: Equating and Linking of Educational Assessments in High-Stakes Accountability Systems. Vonda Kiplinger and Laura Hamiliton Chapter 7: Standard Setting. Edward Haertel Chapter 8: Toward a Normative Understanding of Student Growth. Damian Betenbenner Chapter 9: Causes and Effects. Derek Briggs and Ed Wiley Chapter 10: Fairness Issues and Educational Accountability. Katherine E. Ryan PART III: EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY EFFECTS Chapter 11: Accountability and Assessment: Is Public Interest in K-12 Education Being Served? Joan Herman Chapter 12. A View from the Teacher Trenches: Accountability and the Betrayal of the Standards Vision. Bella Rosenberg Chapter 13: School Improvement and Educational Accountability. David Miller Chapter 14: Enhanced Assessment for School Accountability and Student Improvement. Steven Dunbar Part IV FUTURE DIRECTIONS FOR EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY Chapter 15: Learning and Assessment in an Accountability Context. Eva Baker Chapter 16: Future Directions for Educational Accountability: Notes for a Political Economy of Measurement. Michael Feuer


    Katherine E. Ryan is Associate Professor in the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana. Her research interests focus on educational evaluation and the intersection of educational accountability issues and high stakes assessment. Lorrie A. Shepard is Professor of Education and the Dean of the School of Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her research focuses on psychometrics and the use and misuse of tests in educational settings.

    "The book includes chapters on the context, technical and substantive issues, effects, and future directions of educational accountability, written by a veritable "Who’s Who" in the field of educational measurement…Overall, The Future of Test-Based Educational Accountability does an admirable job of distilling the knowledge of many of the nation’s best thinkers in educational measurement, both policy and practice."—William L. Brown, Education Review (May 2009)