288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book teaches students and entry-level novices how to create games using the GameMaker engine. Readers will quickly hone their design skills with tutorials that are written so that beginners can quickly start building games while also providing lessons on how designers can ‘level up’ and add advanced options to their games. Readers will also have access to a website containing all the assets and resources to create their games, including sprites and animations, walk-through video tutorials of each lesson and music composed by professional musicians. Also provided are rubrics for instructors to use when grading student work or for readers learning on their own to evaluate their own work.

    Chapter 1: What is GameMaker: Studio and Who Uses It?

    Chapter 2: Side-Scroller Game Basics

    Chapter 3: Multi-Level Games

    Chapter 4: Two Player Games

    Chapter 5: Pixel Art

    Chapter 6: 2.5D – Simulating a 3D look in a 2D Game

    Chapter 7: Game Maker Language (GML)

    Chapter 8: Role Playing Games

    Chapter 9: Selling Games and Licensing Fees




    David C. Vinciguerra is the lead instructor for the Simulation and Game Development degree program at Wayne Community College. Prior to his current position he served as Co-Director of the Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory and Co-Editor for the internationally peer reviewed journal VR in the Schools while teaching graduate and undergraduate virtual reality courses at East Carolina University. David lives in Pikeville, North Carolina with his wife Jennifer and their daughter Natalie.


    Andrew Howell developed a love for game programming while working towards his Simulation and Game Development degree. He has developed multiple games using the GameMaker and the Unity3D game engines. During his time working in the Simulation Development Laboratory at Wayne Community College he found teaching his skills to others enjoyable. Andrew enjoys learning new development techniques and currently resides in Goldsboro, North Carolina.