The Genetics of Obesity  book cover
1st Edition

The Genetics of Obesity

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ISBN 9780849348808
Published March 28, 1994 by CRC Press
256 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides a comprehensive compilation of the evidence available regarding the role of genetic differences in the etiology of human obesities and their health and metabolic implications. It also identifies the most promising research areas, methods, and strategies for use in future efforts to understand the genetic basis of obesities and their consequences on human health. Leading researchers in their respective fields present contributed chapters on such topics as etiology and the prevalence of obesities, nongenetic determinants of obesity and fat topography, and animal models and molecular biological technology used to delineate the genetic basis of human obesities. A major portion of the book is devoted to human genetic research and clinical observations encompassing adoption studies, twin studies, family studies, single gene effects, temporal trends and etiology heterogeneity, energy intake and food preference, energy expenditure, and susceptibility to metabolic derangements in the obese state. Future directions of research in the field are covered in the book as well.

Table of Contents

Genetics of Human Obesities: Introductory Notes (C. Bouchard). Etiology and Prevalence of Obesity (G.A. Bray). Nongenetic Determinants of Obesity and Body Fat Topography (J.O. Hill, M.J. Pagliassotti, and J.C. Peters). Overview of the Adoption Studies (T.I.A. Sorensen and A.J. Stunkard). Twin Studies of Human Obesity (J. Meyer and A.J. Stunkard). Genetics of Obesity: Family Studies (C. Bouchard and L. Pérusse). The Case for Single Gene Effects on Human Obesity (A. Price). Genetics of Obesity: Etiologic Heterogeneity and Temporal Trends (I.B. Borecki, M.A. Province, C. Bouchard, and D.C. Rao). Genetics of Energy Intake and Food Preferences (L. Pérusse and C. Bouchard). Genetics of Energy Expenditure in Humans (C. Bouchard, O. Deriaz, L. Pérusse, and A. Tremblay). Inherited Susceptibility to Metabolic Complications of Obesity (R. Williams, P.N. Hopkins, S.C. Hunt, M.C. Schumacher, B.M. Stults, L.L. Wu, and S.J. Hasstedt). Animal Models of Genetic Obesity: Peripheral Tissue Changes (P.R. Johnson and F. Gregoire). Identification of Genes Underlying Polygenic Obesity in Animal Models (C.H. Warden and J.S. Fisler). Genetics and Molecular Biology of Adipose Cell Characteristics (G. Ailhaud, P.A. Grimaldi, and R.L. Negrel). Molecular Genetic Approaches to Obesity (S.C. Chua and R.L. Leibel). Genetics of Obesity: Overview and Research Directions (C. Bouchard).

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