1st Edition

The Geometric Supposer What Is It A Case Of?

Edited By Judah L. Schwartz, Michal Yerushalmy, Beth Wilson Copyright 1993
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume is a case study of education reform and innovation using technology that examines the issue from a wide variety of perspectives. It brings together the views and experiences of software designers, curriculum writers, teachers and students, researchers and administrators. Thus, it stands in contrast to other analyses of innovation that tend to look through the particular prisms of research, classroom practice, or software design.

    The Geometric Supposer encourages a belief in a better tomorrow for schools. On its surface, the Geometric Supposer provides the means for radically altering the way in which geometry is taught and the quality of learning that can be achieved. At a deeper level, however, it suggests a powerful metaphor for improving education that can be played out in many different instructional contexts.

    Contents: J.L. Schwartz, Introduction: The Many Faces of Educational Innovation. Part I: Introducing the Reader to the Supposer. J.L. Schwartz, A Personal View of the Supposer: Reflections on Particularities and Generalities in Educational Reform. B. Wilson, The Geometric Supposer in the Classroom. Part II: Problems of Learning. M. Yerushalmy, D. Chazan, Overcoming Visual Obstacles With the Aid of the Supposer. M. Yerushalmy, Generalization in Geometry. C.C. Healy, Discovery Courses are Great in Theory, But... Part III: Problems of Teaching. D. Chazan, Instructional Implications of Students' Understandings of the Differences Between Empirical Verification and Mathematical Proof. M. Yerushalmy, D. Chazan, M. Gordon, Posing Problems: One Aspect of Bringing Inquiry Into Classrooms. M. Lampert, Teachers' Thinking About Students' Thinking About Geometry: The Effects of New Teaching Tools. R. Houde, How the Supposer Changed My Life: An Autobiography. Part IV: Problems of Implementation. M. Stone Wiske, R. Houde, From Recitation to Construction: Teachers Change With New Technologies. G. Kelemanik, M. Driscoll, Geometric Supposer Urban Network. M. Gordon, What is the Supposer a Case Of? Appendix: A Guide to the Geometric Supposer.


    Edited by Schwartz, Judah L.; Yerushalmy, Michal; Wilson, Beth

    "This book is the story of a mathematics education innovation which has been very successful and continues to be improved....all teachers who are interested in improving education in any subject area and at any level would be interested in this story."
    School Science and Mathematics

    "...presents an in-depth, detailed discussion of the Geometric Supposer and related issues in one volume. This book compares quite favorably with others of this type because it describes comparative studies of the Supposer, thereby furnishing an empirical base for its claim. Because of its depth, this book is an excellent resource for the specialist working in geometry reform or integrating technology into instruction."
    The Mathematics Teacher