544 Pages
    by Routledge

    544 Pages
    by Routledge

    This acclaimed volume is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of Jerzy Grotowski's long and multi-faceted career. It is essential reading for anyone interested in Grotowski's life and work.
    Edited by the two leading experts on Grotowski, the sourcebook features:
    *essays from the key performance theorists who worked with Grotowski, including Eugenio Barba, Peter Brook, Jan Kott, Eric Bentley, Harold Clurman, and Charles Marowitz
    *writings which trace every phase of Grotowski's career from his 'theatre of production' to 'objective drama' and 'art as vehicle'
    *a wide-ranging collection of Grotowski's own writings, plus an interview with his closest collaborator and 'heir', Thomas Richards
    *an array of photographs documenting Grotowski and his followers in action
    *a historical-critical study of Grotowski by Richard Schechner.

    1: General Introduction; 1: Theatre of Productions, 1957-69; 2: Introduction; 3: Towards a Poor Theatre; 4: Interview with Grotowski; 5: Doctor Faustus; 6: Wyspianski's Akropolis; 7: Theatre Laboratory 13 Rzedow; 8: “I Said yes to the Past”; 9: A Myth Vivisected; 10: External Order, Internal Intimacy; 11: Introduction; 12: The Laboratory Theatre in New York, 1969; 13: Why Should i Take Part in the Sacred Dance?; 14: Let Grotowski Sacrifice Masculinity too; 15: Asian Theatre and Grotowski; 16: Is Grotowski Right – Did the Word Come Last?; 17: A Polish Catholic Hasid; 18: Jerzy Grotowski; 19: Dear Grotowski; 20: Grotowski's Laboratory Theatre; 21: In Memory of Ryszard Cieslak; 2: Paratheatre, 1969–78, and Theatre of Sources, 1976–82; 22: Introduction to Part ii; 23: Holiday [Swieto]; 24: The Vigil [Czuwanie]; 25: Laboratory Theatre/Grotowski/the Mountain Project; 26: Route to the Mountain; 27: Theatre of Sources; 28: The Theatre of Sources; 3: Objective Drama, 1983—86; 29: Introduction; 30: Tu Es Le Fils De Quelqu'Un; 31: Grotowski, or the Limit; 32: Bali and Grotowski; 33: Subjective Reflections on Objective Work; 34: Grotowski in Irvine; 35: Jerzy Grotowski's Divination Consultation; 4: Art as vehicle, 1986–; 36: Introduction: Art as vehicle, 1986–; 37: Performer; 38: Grotowski, Art as a Vehicle; 39: Grotowski Blazes the Trails; 40: Where is Gurutowski?; 41: Action, The Unrepresentable Origin; 42: The Edge-Point of Performance (Fragments); 43: Exoduction


    RICHARD SCHECHNER, Lisa Wolford Wylam

    'Schechner and Wolford managed to build a real Grotowski bible.' -  Amazon.com