1st Edition

The Handbook of Practice and Research in Study Abroad Higher Education and the Quest for Global Citizenship

Edited By Ross Lewin Copyright 2009
    608 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    608 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Co-published with the Association for American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

    If we are all becoming global citizens, what then are our civic responsibilities? Colleges and universities across the United States have responded to this question by making the development of global citizens part of their core mission. A key strategy for realizing this goal is study abroad. After all, there may be no better way for students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to become effective change-agents in international contexts.

    The Handbook of Practice and Research in Study Abroad is a comprehensive survey of the field. Each chapter eloquently conveys an enthusiasm for study abroad alongside a critical assessment of the most up-to-date research, theory and practice. This contributed volume brings together expert academics, senior administrators, practitioners of study abroad, and policy makers from across the United States, Canada and other part of the world, who meticulously address the following questions:

    What do we mean by global citizenship and global competence?

    What are the philosophical, pedagogical and practical challenges facing institutions as they endeavor to create global citizens?

    How is study abroad and global citizenship compatible with the role of the academy?

    What are the institutional challenges to study abroad, including those related to ethics, infrastructure, finances, accessibility, and quality control?

    Which study abroad programs can be called successful?

    The Handbook of Practice and Research in Study Abroad is an indispensable reference volume for scholars, higher education faculty, study abroad professionals, policy makers, and the academic libraries that serve these audiences. It is also appropriate for a wide range of courses in Higher Education Master’s and Ph.D. Programs.

    Foreword, Allan Goodman

    Introduction: The Quest for Global Citizenship through Study Abroad, Ross Lewin

    Part I: Defining Global Citizenship in Study Abroad

    1. Global Citizenship in Theory and Practice, Hans Schattle

    2. Fostering Engagement: The Role of International Education in the Development of Global Civil Society, James Skelly

    3. Global Learning and the Making of Citizen Diplomats, Rebecca Hovey and Adam Weinberg

    4. International Studies and Foreign Languages: A Critical American Priority, Charles Kolb

    5. Global Citizenship Education: Challenges and Possibilities, Ian Davies and Graham Pike

    Part II: Aligning Global Citizenship and Study Abroad With the Mission of the Academy

    6. Study Abroad and Language: From Maximal to Realistic Models, Dieter Wanner

    7. Constructive Disequilibrium: Cognitive and Emotional Development through Dissonant Experiences in Less Familiar Destinations, S. Megan Che, Mindy Spearman and Agida Manizade

    8. The Liberal Arts and Global Citizenship: Fostering Intercultural Engagement Through Integrative Experiences and Structured Reflection, Joseph L. Brockington and Margarete D. Wiedenhoeft

    9. Study Abroad and Nursing: From Cultural to Global Competence, Connie Currier, James Lucas and Denise Saint Arnault

    10. The Role of Study Abroad in Preparing Globally Responsible Teachers, Kenneth Cushner

    11. Democratizing Study Abroad: Challenges of Open Access, Local Commitments, and Global Competence in Community Colleges, Robert A. Frost and Rosalind Latiner Raby

    12. North of 49: Global Citizenship à la canadienne, Roopa Desai-Trilokekar and Adrian Schubert

    13. Global Citizenship and Study Abroad: A European Comparative Perspective, Hans de Wit

    14. Strategy for Development of a Global City: Study Abroad in Singapore
    Peter Pang

    Part III: Institutional Challenges and Strategies to Fostering Global Citizenship Study Abroad

    15. It Takes an Entire Institution: A Blueprint for the Global University, William Brustein

    16. Turning our Back on the World: Study Abroad and the Purpose of Higher Education, Riall Nolan

    17. Faculty Beliefs and Institutional Values: Identifying and Overcoming these Obstacles to Education Abroad Growth, Joan Elias Gore

    18. Selling the World: Study Abroad Marketing and the Privatization of Global Citizenship, Talya Zemach-Bersin

    19. Global Citizenship for All: Low Minority Student Participation in Study Abroad—Seeking Strategies for Success, Earl Picard, Farrah Bernardino, and Kike Ehigiator

    20. Understanding the Challenges of Assessing Global Citizenship, Darla K. Deardorff

    21. Here to Stay: Increasing Acceptance of Short-Term Study Abroad Programs, Lisa Chieffo and Lesa Griffiths

    22. Going Global in the Sciences: A Case Study of Emory University, Phillip Wainwright, Preetha Ram, Daniel Teodorescu and Dana Tottenham

    23. Undergraduate Research in Study Abroad: Scope, Meaning and Potential, Bernhard T. Streitwieser

    Part IV. Innovative Global Citizenship Study Abroad Program Models

    24. Georgia Tech’s Comprehensive and Integrated Approach to Developing Global Competence, Howard Rollins

    25. Holistic Student Learning and Development Abroad: The IES 3-D Program Model,
    Joan Gillespie, Larry Braskamp, Mary Dwyer

    26. It Takes A Curriculum: Bringing Global Mindedness Back Home, Kevin Hovland, Caryn McTighe Musil, Ellen Skilton-Sylvester and Amy Jamison

    27. Educating Globally Competent Citizens through International Service Learning,
    William M. Plater, Steven G. Jones, Robert G. Bringle and Patti H. Clayton

    28. Creating Deep Partnerships with Institutions Abroad: Bard College as Global Citizen, Susan Gillespie, with Jonathan Becker, Bryan Billings, Sergey Bogdanov, Christina Davis, Fazela Haniff, Ayesha Kajee, Thomas Keenan, Nikolay Koposov, Tawana Kupe and Valery Monakhov

    29. Creating Study Abroad Opportunities for First Generation College Students, Maria D. Martinez, Bidya Ranjeet and Helen A. Marx

    30. It’s Not About You: The UConn Social Entrepreneur Corps Global Commonwealth Study Abroad Model, Ross Lewin and Greg van Kirk

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    Ross Lewin is the Director of Study Abroad at the University of Connecticut. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in German Studies.

    "Certainly, faculty and administrators involved in study abroad or in globalization of the curriculum will find this book invaluable. However, the themes addressed throughout are so fundamental to the heart of mission and identity that the volume will likely be useful to any educator thinking about his or her institution’s engagement with the global community."—Teaching Theology & Religion

    "This is an excellent book for those of us involved in international education. The wealth of information and myriad references to programs in diverse fields reflect the dynamic reality of current efforts across a broad range of institutions—a contribution that may ultimately be more useful than a consensus definition of global citizenship."—Review of Higher Education