3rd Edition

The Impact of AIDS: Psychological and Social Aspects of HIV Infection

    This volume contains a selection of key contributions to the discussion on the psychological and social implications on HIV infection. It contains authoritative papers by senior practitioners and researchers in the field of the psychological and social aspects of HIV infection. The book will appeal to those involved in providing care for people with HIV infections, be they physicians and nurses or psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists, as well as those involved in preventing the spread of the HIV infection.

    From the start of the HIV epidemic, the psychological and social aspects of the AIDS infection have been recognized. What could have been regarded simply as an infectious disease was soon acknowledged as a global problem that raised important issues about its transmission and prevention; economic, ethical and legal questions regarding the mental health consequences and the need for access to medical and social care.

    1. Condom Use in Heterosexual Sex: A Review of Research 1985-1994 2. Initiating and Maintaining Safer Sex: Evaluation of Group Work with Gay Men 3. Utilizing Peer Education and Target Group Empowerment to Induce a Diffusional Behaviour Change on a University Campus 4. HIV/AIDS Education in the Workplace: Its Not My Responsibility 5. Ten Years of AIDS Images in the Puerto Rican Press: 1983-1992 6. Drug Injecting and the Spread of HIV Infection in South East Asia 7. Network and 9. HIV


    Catalan, Jose; Hedge, Barbara; Hedge, Barbara