The Industrial Electronics Handbook - Five Volume Set  book cover
2nd Edition

The Industrial Electronics Handbook - Five Volume Set

ISBN 9781439802892
Published March 4, 2011 by CRC Press
4052 Pages 800 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Industrial electronics systems govern so many different functions that vary in complexity—from the operation of relatively simple applications, such as electric motors, to that of more complicated machines and systems, including robots and entire fabrication processes.

The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition combines traditional and newer, more specialized knowledge that will help industrial electronics engineers develop practical solutions for the design and implementation of modern industrial systems. Embracing the broad technological scope of the field, this collection explores fundamental areas, including analog and digital circuits, electronics, electromagnetic machines, and signal processing. It also facilitates the use of intelligent systems—such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary methods—in terms of a hierarchical structure that makes factory control and supervision more efficient by addressing the needs of all production components.

Assembling the world’s leading researchers to cover key aspects of this branch of science, the handbook includes the following volumes, which are available individually or as a complete set:

To help readers deal with myriad physical phenomena—and the sensors used to measure them—the handbook re-evaluates the importance of electronic circuits. It goes beyond their value as an end product and focuses on their importance as building blocks in larger systems. Taking into account the relative complexity of most fabrication processes, contributors simplify the development and application of communication systems that can be tailored for specific industrial environments to link the various elements of each.

Enhancing its value, this fully updated collection presents research and global trends as published in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics Journal, one of the largest and most respected publications in the field.

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Fundamentals of Industrial Electronics

Circuits and Signals
DC and Transient Circuit Analysis
AC Circuits
Computational Methods for Node and Loop Analysis
Transistor Operation and Modeling
Operational Amplifiers
Frequency Response and Bode Diagrams
Laplace Transforms
Semiconductor Diode
Bipolar junction transistor
FET Transistors
Noise in semiconductor devices
Physical Phenomena used in Sensors
MEMS Devices
MEMS Technologies
Applications of MEMS
Analog Electronics
Transistors in Switching Circuits
Transistors in Amplifier Circuits
A Simplistic Approach to the Analysis of Transistor Amplifiers
Analog and Digital VLSI Design
Digital Circuits
Combinational Logics
Sequential Logic
Soft-Core Processors
Computer Architecture
FPGAs and Reconfigurable Systems
Signal Processing
Signal Processing
Analog Filter Synthesis
Active Filter Implementation
Designing passive filters with lossy elements
Electromagnetic Fields - part I
Electromagnetics - part II
Transmission line time-domain analysis and signal integrity


Volume 2: Industrial Communication Systems

Preambles for Industrial Communication Systems
Technical Principles
Routing in Wireless Networks
Profiles and Interoperability
Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Ad-hoc Networks
RFID technology
Security in Industrial Communication Systems
Ultra-low Power Wireless Communication
Industrial Strength Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Technology
A Survey of Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications
Vertical Integration CA + PV
Multimedia Convergence for Enterprise Applications
Virtual Automation networks
Industrial Agent Technology CA +PV
Real-Time Systems
Clock Synchronization in Distributed Systems
Quality of Service
Network Based Control
Functional Safety
Secure Communication Using Chaos Synchronization
Application Specific Areas
Embedded networks in civilian aircraft avionics systems Feb end
Process Automation
Building and Home Automation
Industrial multimedia
Industrial Wireless Communications Security (IWCS) CA + PV
Protocols in power generation
Communications in Medical Applications
Controller Area Network
WorldFip CA + PV
Foundation Fieldbus
Industrial Ethernet
Protocols of the Time-triggered Architecture: TTP, TTEthernet, TTP/A
Wireless Local Area Networks
Bluetooth CA + PV
6LoWPAN IP for Wireless Sensor Networks
WiMAX in Industry CA + PV
WirelessHART, ISA100.11a and OCARI
Wireless Communication Standards
Communication aspects of IEC 61499 architecture
Industrial Internet
DNP3 and IEC 60870-5
IEC 61850 for Distributed Energy Resources
Internet Programing
UDP - USER Datagram protocol
TCP - Transport Control Protocol
Development of interactive web pages
Interactive Website Design Using Python Script
Running Software over Internet
Semantic Web Services for Manufacturing Industry
Automatic Data Mining using Perl
Trends and Challenges for Industrial Communication Systems

Volume 3: Intelligent Systems

Introduction to Intelligent Systems
Backpropagation to Neurocontrol
Neural Network Based Control
Fuzzy Logic Controllers
Neural Networks
Understanding Neural Networks
Neural Network Architectures
The Radial Basis Function Type of Neural Network and its Implementations in Hardware
GMDH Neural Networks
Optimization of Neural Network Architectures
Parity-N problems as a vehicle to compare efficiency of neural network architecture
Neural Network Learning
Levenberg Marquardt Training
NBN algorithm
Accelerating the multilayer perceptron learning algorithms
Pruning algorithms in feedforward neural networks
Principal Component Analysis
Adaptive Critics
Self-Organized Maps
Fuzzy Systems
Fuzzy Logic Based Control
Neuro-Fuzzy systems
Introduction to Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers CA + PV
Fuzzy Pattern Recognition figures extract
The Fuzzy Ant
Multiobjective Optimization Methods CA + PV
Fundamentals of Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
Ant colony optimization
Heuristics for two-dimensional bin-packing problems
Particle Swarm Optimization
Evolutionary Computation
Data Mining
Autonomous mental development
Synthetic Biometrics for Testing Biometric Systems and User Training
Data Mining on Internet By Using PERL

Volume 4: Power Electronics and Motor Drives

Semiconductor Devices
Electronic Devices for Power Switching
Electrical Machines
AC machines windings
Multiphase AC machines
Induction Machines
Permanent Magnet Machines
Permanent magnet synchronous machines
Switched reluctance machines
Thermal effects
Noise and vibrations of Electrical Rotating Machines
Torque Harmonics
Three phase AC-DC converters
The Three-Phase/Switch/Level PWM Boost Rectifier
DC-DC converters
DC-AC Converters
AC/AC Converters
Fundamentals of AC-DC-AC Converters Control and Applications
Power Supplies
Uninterruptible power supplies
Recent Trends in Multilevel Inverter
Resonant Converters
Motor Drives
Control of Converter-Fed Induction Motor Drives
Double Fed Induction Machine Drives
Standalone Double Fed Induction Generator
FOC - Field Oriented Control
Adaptive Control of Electrical Drives
Drive Systems with Resilient Couplings
Multiscalar Model Based Control Systems for AC Machines
Power Electronic Applications
Sustainable lighting technology
General Photo-Electro-Thermal Theory & Its Implications for Light Emitting Diode Systems
Solar Power Conversion
Automotive Electronics --- Battery Electronics for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Electrical loads in Automotive Systems
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Power Systems
Three-phase Electric Power Systems
Contactless Energy Transfer
Smart Energy Distribution
Flexible AC Transmission Systems
Active Filtering Techniques for Power Quality Improvement

Volume 5: Control and Mechatronics

Control System Analysis
Nonlinear Dynamics
Basic Feedback Concept
Stability Analysis
Frequency-domain analysis of relay feedback systems
Linear Matrix Inequalities in Automatic Control
Motion Control Issues
A New Methodology for Chatter Stability Analysis in Simultaneous Machining
Control System Design
Internal Mode Control
Dynamic Matrix Control
PID Control
The Nyquist Criterion
The Root Locus Method
Variable Structure Control Technique
Digital Control
Phase-Lock-Loop Based Control
Optimal Control
Time-Delay Systems
Terminal Sliding Mode Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Predictive Repetitive Control with Constraints
Backstepping Control
Soft Computing Methodologies in SMC
Estimation, Observation, and Identification
Adaptive Estimation
Observers in Dynamic Engineering Systems
Disturbance Observation-Cancellation Technique
Ultrasonic Sensors
Observation and Identication via HOSM
Modeling and Control
Modeling for System Control
Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics
A State-Space Approach to Simulating Dynamic Systems in SPICE
Iterative Learning Control for Torque Ripple Minimization of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive
Precise Position Control of Piezo Actuator
Hardware-in-the-loop simulations
Mechatronic and Robotics
Introduction to Mechatronics Systems
Actuators in Robotics and Automation Systems
Robot Qualities
Robot Vision
Robot Path Planning
Mobile Robots


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