1st Edition

The Industrial Information Technology Handbook

Copyright 2004
    1936 Pages 1023 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The Industrial Information Technology Handbook focuses on existing and emerging industrial applications of IT, and on evolving trends that are driven by the needs of companies and by industry-led consortia and organizations. Emphasizing fast growing areas that have major impacts on industrial automation and enterprise integration, the Handbook covers topics such as industrial communication technology, sensors, and embedded systems.

    The book is organized into two parts. Part 1 presents material covering new and quickly evolving aspects of IT. Part 2 introduces cutting-edge areas of industrial IT.

    The Handbook presents material in the form of tutorials, surveys, and technology overviews, combining fundamentals and advanced issues, with articles grouped into sections for a cohesive and comprehensive presentation. The text contains 112 contributed reports by industry experts from government, companies at the forefront of development, and some of the most renowned academic and research institutions worldwide. Several of the reports on recent developments, actual deployments, and trends cover subject matter presented to the public for the first time.


    Computer Software and Web Technologies
    Development Platforms and Frameworks
    The Unified Modeling Language
    Web Technologies
    Web Programming
    Multidimensional Database Technology

    The Internet and IP Networks
    Introduction to the Internet
    Internet Core Protocols
    Quality of Service in IP Networks
    Internet Applications and Application Services
    Management of IP Networks
    Network Security
    Ad Hoc Networking


    Industrial Communication Systems
    Introduction to Data Communication Networks
    Field Area Networks
    Ethernet and Wireless/Mobile Network Technologies
    Linking Factory Floor with the Internet and Wireless
    Security and Safety Technologies in Industrial Networks
    Automotive and Industrial Applications

    The Internet, Web, and IT Technologies in Industrial
    Automation and Design
    Internet and Web-Based Technologies in Industrial
    Component Technologies in Industrial Automation
    Java Technology and Industrial Applications
    Standards for Programmable Logic Controllers and System
    Virtual Reality in Design and Manufacturing
    Security in Automation Systems

    Intelligent Sensors and Sensor Networks
    Intelligent Sensor and Device Technology
    Intelligent Sensors in Robotics
    Sensor Systems and Networks
    Multisensor Data Fusion

    Real-Time Embedded Systems
    Embedded Systems
    Security in Embedded Systems
    System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip Design
    Networked Embedded Systems

    Integration Technologies
    E-Technologies in Enterprise Integration
    IT Technologies in Enterprise Integration
    Network-Based Integration Technologies
    Agent-Based Technologies in Industrial Automation
    Industrial Information Technology Solutions for Energy and Power Systems
    "I do not hesitate to recommend this new attractive handbook to a wide audience of engineering educators, students, and engineers in industry who are interested in Industrial IT."
    Industrial Electronics Society Newsletter, Vol.52, No.2, 2005