1st Edition

The Japanese Electronics Industry

    152 Pages
    by CRC Press

    152 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The explosive growth of the Japanese electronics industry continues to be driven by a combination of market forces and the unique characteristics of the Japanese social organization and people. As an industrial phenomenon, the Japanese electronics industry receives considerable attention from researchers in various fields. However, most of their studies focus on either historical analyses intent on discovering the secret of the industry's enormous success, or on the issue of America's competitiveness in the face of challenges from Japanese technology. Moreover, none of these studies can be free of the bias that stems from each researcher's own upbringing and environment.
    The authors of The Japanese Electronics Industry have pooled their diverse experience and talents to create a balanced, objective study of this complex subject. They illuminate the history and characteristics of the industry, show the current state of the industry, and explore the research, development, and education vital to the future of the industry.

    Japan Overview
    Land, Resources
    Population and Ethic Groups
    Government Structure
    Modern History
    Economic Overview
    Philosophy of Economic Policy
    Current Economic Conditions
    Foreign Trade
    Public Spending and Restructuring
    Program To Stimulate Foreign Iports into Japan
    Openness for Trade and Investment
    Outward Expansion of Offshore Facilities
    WTO Requirements to Deregulate the Financial Services Industry
    U.S. - Japan Relations
    History of the Japanese Electonics Industry
    Basics for Growth after World War II
    Entrepreneurial Thrusts in Consumer Electronics
    The Government and Large Companies
    Trade Friction
    Synopsis of History to the End of the 1980s
    The Japanese Electronics Industry Today
    Maturity of the Japanese Electronics Market
    Japan's Electronic Market Position
    The Micro-Electronics Industry Structure
    Miniaturization of Electronic Products
    Overall Landscape
    Packaging Portable Computers--An Example for Toshiba Libretto
    Metrics for Future Electonics Products
    Scenarios for the Future
    Research, Development, and Education
    Macro-scale Perspectives
    Dynamics of Technology Development
    Investments in the Electronics Industry
    National Research Institutes and Cooperative Research
    University Research and Education
    A Vision of Miniturization


    Wataru Nakayama, WIlliam Boulton, Michael Pecht