1st Edition

The Journal of Education for Teaching at 40

Edited By Peter Gilroy Copyright 2018
    428 Pages
    by Routledge

    412 Pages
    by Routledge

    In 2015, the Journal of Education for Teaching celebrated 40 years of original contributions on the subject of international teacher education with the publication of an anniversary virtual special issue. Its unique contribution to debates about the preparation and lifelong learning of teachers in a variety of fields, including medical education and language education, have been expressed in a variety of formats and international contexts. These include high quality academic papers using innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies, symposia in the form of Platonic dialogues, and even critical positions expressed in verse.

    This virtual special issue was freely available online throughout 2015 but the strong demand for the papers has prompted their re-publication in this volume, with the addition of several more articles. Taken together, this collection will allow the reader to experience the variety of the dozen or so international contexts represented in the journal and its academic quality.

    Included in the volume is the original Editorial from the first issue of the journal. The fact that the points made in this forty-year-old piece still ring true suggests that the threats to high quality teacher education remain much the same as they did four decades or more ago. The Journal of Education for Teaching continues to provide an indispensable platform for colleagues to make their voices heard in what appears to be an increasingly shrill evidence-free environment. Long may it do so.

    Preface Peter Gilroy

    Editorial (1975)

    Part I: In Defence of Teacher Education

    1. Inservice Teacher Education in Nigeria: a case study

    Akon E.O. Esu

    2. The Political Rape of Initial Teacher Education in England and Wales: a JET rebuttal

    D.P. Gilroy

    3. The Reform of Initial Teacher Training in France

    Gérard Bonnet

    4. Teacher Education in Britain: a JET symposium with politicians

    Peter Gilroy, Christopher Price, Edgar Stones and Malcolm Thornton

    5. Promoting critical conversations: the distinctive contribution of higher education as a partner in the professional preparation of new teachers

    Katharine Burn

    6. A ‘quiet revolution’? The impact of Training Schools on initial teacher training partnerships

    Val Brooks

    7. Initial teacher education in the panopticon

    Chris Wilkins and Phil Wood

    Part II: Innovative Approaches to Teacher Education

    8. The Exeter School-based PGCE: an alternative initial teacher training model

    Jon Nichol

    9. Challenging Teacher Education as Training: four propositions

    Robert V. Bullough Jr and Andrew D. Gitlin

    10. Working while teaching, learning while working: students teaching in their own class

    Leena Krokfors, Riitta Jyrhämä, Heikki Kynäslahti, Auli Toom, Katriina Maaranen and Pertti Kansanen

    11. Autonomy or control: discussion of a central dilemma in developing a realistic teacher education in Norway

    Ove Kr. Haugaløkken and Per Ramberg

    Part III: The Comparative Approach

    12. The Influence of Western Theories on Teacher Education and Research Practices in Singapore

    Wong-Kooi Sim

    13. Teaching controversial issues and teacher education in England and South Africa

    Vitallis Chikoko, James David Gilmour, Clive Harber and Jeff Serf

    14. Making sense of professionalism and being a professional in a Kenyan higher education context

    Mike Calvert and Koi Muchira-Tirima

    15. Teacher education in France under the Hollande government: reconstructing and reinforcing the republic

    David Hyatt and Julie Meraud

    16. Chinese government documents on teacher education since the 1980s

    Jun Zhou and Lynda Reed

    Part IV: Reflecting on Social Theory

    17. Connecting Genuine Teacher Development to the Struggle for Social Justice

    Kenneth M. Zeichner

    18. Civic professionalism: teacher education and professional ideals and values in a commercialised education world

    Gary Wilkinson

    19. Reflection and Teacher Education

    Stephen J. Newman

    Part V: The Shifting Focus of Teacher Education Research

    20. In Search of Saraswati: A study of the professional productivity of Indian teacher educators

    V.K. Raina

    21. What and how teacher educators prefer to learn

    Jurriën Dengerink, Mieke Lunenberg and Quinta Kools

    22. Undergraduates’ Views of Teaching as a Career Choice

    Chris Kyriacou and Melissa Coulthard

    23. Japanese Beginning Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Preparation and Professional Development

    Myint Myint San

    24. Bullying and the Postgraduate Secondary School Trainee Teacher: An English case study

    Meg Maguire


    Peter Gilroy is the Jos Owens Chair of Education at Plymouth University; visiting chair at Hull University; Professor Emeritus at Manchester Metropolitan University; and acts as a consultant for a number of other UK and overseas universities as they develop their research profiles. He is also the executive editor of the international Journal of Education for Teaching. He previously studied on a Primary/Secondary programme for a three-year teacher’s certificate, subsequently working as a secondary school teacher (teaching English, Mathematics and History amongst other subjects), whilst studying part-time for his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees at London University.