1st Edition

The Little Book of Reflective Practice A Practical Guide to the Early Years

By Annie Pendrey Copyright 2022
    150 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    150 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Little Book of Reflective Practice is bursting with big ideas which will encourage you to be curious, reflective and courageous in your professional learning journey. It introduces the key reflective theories alongside case studies from educators to show how these can be applied to improve practice.

    The journey from being to thriving is set out in several chapters each providing different themes which will encourage you to capture your reflections, record your learning and development and apply theories of reflection to your professional practice. Full of practical guidance, activities and questions to prompt reflective thinking, the chapters cover:

    • getting started
    • how to write reflectively
    • creating spaces to be reflective
    • using reflective practice to set targets for your learning and professional development

    Spaces for capturing your reflective thoughts and reflective activities are provided througout, alongside sections where you may wish to stop and engage in deeper thinking. This book will be invaluable reading for early years practitioners, tutors and early years students on level 3 courses and Foundation Degrees.


    Chapter 1 – Being Me

    Theme 1a Courage

    Theme 1b - Be More Lion

    Theme 1c – Me in a Box

    Theme 1d – The Rainbow Educator

    Chapter 2 – Spreading Your Wings: Reflective Writing

    Theme 2a - Barriers to Reflection

    Theme 2b – Creating Reflective Spaces

    Theme 2c - The Pocketbook Mirror

    Theme 2d – What is Reflective Writing?

    Theme 2e – The Ripples of Reflection

    Theme 2f – I do not have the time to think!

    Chapter 3 – Ponder and Pause a While in the Gallery of Theorists

    Theme 3a - Brookfield

    Theme 3b - Schon

    Theme 3c – Gibbs

    Theme 3d – Kolb

    Theme 3e - Boud, Keogh and Walker

    Theme 3f - Johari Window

    Theme 3g -The Theory Tree

    Theme 3h- Theory and Practice

    Chapter 4 – Belonging and Thriving

    Theme 4a - Reflecting With Others

    Theme 4b- The Reflective Buddy

    Theme 4c - Reflective Conversations: The Seven Steps to Reflective Success

    Theme 4d - Finding Your Ikigai

    Theme 4e – SWOT Analysis

    Theme 4f – Feedback and Developmental Needs

    Adjectives to Support the Reflective Activities


    Annie Pendrey is an Educational Consultant and Researcher for the Early Years and Education sector, UK.