1st Edition

The Making of the Inclusive School

By Gary Thomas, David Walker, Julie Webb Copyright 1998
    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    Inclusion is a buzzword of the 1990s. Politicians now stress their commitment to inclusion and social justice - not competition. For schools, inclusion means accepting and educating all children, irrespective of their difficulties.
    The new inclusive mood is about including everyone in society's institutions. It has created a growing demand for schools to find effective ways of including and teaching all children - even those who at one time would have been sent to special schools.
    The book combines a theoretical examination of inclusion and its rationale with the story of a group of schools in which teachers, assistants and children have striven to make inclusion happen.
    This new book
    * explores the arguments for inclusive schools
    * examines the international evidence about children's well-being and academic progress in inclusive schools
    * describes how the pioneers have developed their practice for inclusion
    * presents the findings of an in-depth 18 month study of a group of schools which have striven to make inclusion happen

    Part I:Inclusion in Schools 1.Inclusive Education: The Ideals and the practice 2.Using Support in Inclusive Classrooms 3.Curricular Inclusion 4.Supportive Classroom Environments for Social Inclusion 5.Inclusion and the Physical Environment of the School 6.Self-Advocacy and Inclusion Part II:From Special Schools to Inclusion Services 7.Researching Inclusion, and Methods Used in This Research 8.The Place and the People 9.The Process of Change 10.Have Children Been Included in the Curriculum? 11.Social Inclusion 12.Overview and Conclusions


    Gary Thomas, David Walker, Julie Webb

    'This is a timely addition to the UK literature as it presages the Government's vision on the future of special schools and will provide many readers with the information they need to set out on a similar path ... In sum, this is a useful book and welcome addition to the literature on inclusive education.' - Educational Review

    ' ... a detailed and engaging book which does much to demystify and clarify issues in the integration/inclusion debate. The use of case study embedded in a rich general narrative makes this book particularly accessible.' - Special Children