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The Mobilization Series on Social Movements, Protest, and Culture

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Published in conjunction with Mobilization: An International Quarterly, the premier research journal in the field contentious politics, this series publishes research in social movements, protest and strategies of resistance. This is an expansive area of study that includes research in sociology and political science, as well as from communications, geography, social psychology, and anthropology. The series welcomes proposals on a range of topics and theoretical perspectives, including movement strategies and organization, new communication technologies, protest in the global South, resistance in different state systems, cultural movements, identity politics, and more.

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The Fight for Ethical Fashion The Origins and Interactions of the Clean Clothes Campaign

The Fight for Ethical Fashion: The Origins and Interactions of the Clean Clothes Campaign

1st Edition

By Philip Balsiger
September 03, 2014

From consumer boycotts and buycotts to social movement campaigns, examples of individual and collective actors forging political struggles on markets are manifold. The clothing market has been a privileged site for such contention, with global clothing brands and retailers being targets of consumer...

Israeli-Palestinian Activism Shifting Paradigms

Israeli-Palestinian Activism: Shifting Paradigms

1st Edition

By Alexander Koensler
February 28, 2015

When do words and actions empower? When do they betray? Based on ethnographic fieldwork, this volume tracks the repercussions of advocacy activism against house demolitions in 'unrecognised' Arab-Bedouin villages in Israel's southern 'internal frontier'. It highlights the repercussions of activism ...

Urban Mobilizations and New Media in Contemporary China

Urban Mobilizations and New Media in Contemporary China

1st Edition

By Lisheng Dong, Hanspeter Kriesi
March 28, 2015

Popular protests are on the rise in China. However, since protesters rely on existing channels of participation and on patronage by elite backers, the state has been able to stymie attempts to generalize resistance and no large scale political movements have significantly challenged party rule. ...

Social Movement Dynamics New Perspectives on Theory and Research from Latin America

Social Movement Dynamics: New Perspectives on Theory and Research from Latin America

1st Edition

By Federico M. Rossi, Marisa von Bülow
August 28, 2015

This book presents an overview of new approaches to the study of social movements emerging out of Latin America, based on original and innovative analyses of the recent changes in collective action across the region. Over the past decade, new repertoires of contention have emerged in parallel to ...

Understanding the Tea Party Movement

Understanding the Tea Party Movement

1st Edition

By Nella Van Dyke, David S. Meyer
March 12, 2014

Hailing themselves as heirs to the American Revolution, the Tea Party movement staged tax day protests in over 750 US cities in April 2009, quickly establishing a large and volatile social movement. Tea Partiers protested at town hall meetings about health care across the country in August, leading...

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