1st Edition

The Moral Curriculum A Sociological Analysis

By P. W. Musgrave Copyright 1978
    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    4 Pages
    by Routledge

    Teachers are, and always have been seen as agents of respectability in our society, but today this role is far less easily defined than it once was. Now, for most teachers, the whats and hows of moral behaviour, guidance and instruction have become debatable issues. In this book the author gives us a readable and original sociological consideration of the teaching ‘oughts’ and ‘ought-nots’ which, by providing a valuable analytic framework within which to view moral education, should help the thinking of those who are concerned with some of the most intractable problems of contemporary education.

    1 Introduction 2 Sociologists, morality and moral education 3 Moral Choices 4 Changing Views of Morality 5 The Changing Elements of the Moral Curriculum 6 Conclusion: The Moral Curriculum, Society and Change. Indices.


    P Musgrave