1st Edition

The Music Learning Profiles Project Let's Take This Outside

    142 Pages
    by Routledge

    142 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Music Learning Profiles Project: Let’s Take This Outside uses ethnographic techniques and modified case studies to profile musicians active in a wide range of musical contexts not typically found in traditional music education settings. The book illuminates diverse music learning practices in order to impact music education in classrooms. It goes on to describe the Music Learning Profiles Project, a group of scholars dedicated to developing techniques to explore music learning, which they call "flash study analysis."

    Twenty musicians were interviewed, invited to talk about what they do, how they learned to do it, and prompted to:  

    • Identify key learning experiences

    • Discuss their involvement in formal learning environments

    • Predict how they see musicking practices passing to a future generation

    The Music Learning Profiles Project offers a nuanced understanding of the myriad approaches to music learning that have emerged in the early part of the twenty-first century.

    Series Foreword


    Part I - Taking It Outside: Introducing the Music Learning Profiles Project

    Part II – Music Learning on the Outside: A Collection of Flash Study Profiles

    Gavin Hammond

    Jacqueline Mannering

    Rod Melvin

    Anthony 'The Twilite Tone' Khan

    Intikana Kekoiea

    Amia 'Tiny' Jackson

    Andy Krikun

    DeVeor Rainey

    Sean McPherson

    Shana Falana

    Neville Peter

    Raymond Wise

    Jean Baptiste Craipeau

    Truth Universal

    Jay 'J-Zone' Mumford

    Jakub Smith

    Robert Ray Boyette

    Mike Amari

    Jaquelyn Hynes

    Riduan Zalani

    Part III – Learning From the Outside: The Music Learning Profiles Project

    Appendix AInterview Protocol Master

    Appendix BThemes Used in Coding Flash Studies


    About the Authors



    Radio Cremata is Assistant Professor of Music Education at Ithaca College.

    Joseph Michael Pignato is Professor in the Music Department at the State University of New York, Oneonta.

    Bryan Powell is Director of Higher Education for Little Kids Rock and Interim Director for Amp Up NYC.

    Gareth Dylan Smith is Manager of Program Effectiveness at Little Kids Rock, New Jersey and Visiting Research Professor at New York University.