1st Edition

The New Landscape of Mobile Learning Redesigning Education in an App-Based World

Edited By Charles Miller, Aaron Doering Copyright 2014
    374 Pages
    by Routledge

    374 Pages
    by Routledge

    The New Landscape of Mobile Learning is the first book to provide a research based overview of the largely untapped array of potential tools that m-Learning offers educators and students in face-to-face, hybrid, and distance education. This cutting edge guide provides:

    • An essential explanation of the emergence and role of Apps in education

    • Design guidelines for educational Apps

    • Case studies and student narratives from across the US describing successful App integration into both K-12 and Higher Education

    • Robust, research-based evaluation criteria for educational Apps

    Although many believe that Apps have the potential to create opportunities for transformative mobile education, a disparity currently exists between the individuals responsible for creating Apps (i.e. developers who often have little to no instructional experience) and the ultimate consumers in the classroom (i.e. K-20 educators and students). The New Landscape of Mobile Learning bridges this gap by illuminating critical design, integration, and evaluation narratives from leaders in the instructional design, distance education, and mobile learning fields.

    The failure of education’s first mobile device
    Dr. Michael Searson


    Section 1: The emerging role of mobile learning

    Chapter 1 - Considering the potential of connected mobile learning
    James Mundie and Dr. Simon Hooper

    Chapter 2 - Paradigms of use, learning theory, and app design
    Dr. Vanessa P. Dennen and Shuang Hao

    Chapter 3 - Rich remote learning and cognition: Analog methods as models for newer technology
    Dr. Brad Hokanson

    Chapter 4 - The logic of the And: The nature of collaboration
    Bobby George and June George

    Chapter 5 - “Apping” its way into the future?: K12 English education
    Dr. Cassandra Scharber

    Section 2: Mobile Learning Design Guidelines and Frameworks

    Chapter 6 - Seven design considerations for mobile learning applications
    Lucas Lecheler and Bradford Hosack

    Chapter 7 - The future of mobile media for learning
    Dr. Seann M. Dikkers

    Chapter 8 - A framework for mobile learning app design: DCALE
    Donggil Song

    Section 3: Mobile Learning Design and Development Narratives

    Chapter 9 - Playing with Gravity: On Designing for Children
    Bobby George and June George

    Chapter 10 - HotSeat: Learning and designing on the move
    Nathan Edwards and Jason Nyquist

    Chapter 11 - The conceptualization, design, and development of a K-12 adventure learning App
    Jeni Henrickson

    Section 4: Mobile Learning Integration, Research, and Evaluation

    Chapter 12 - Delineation of evaluation criteria for educational apps in STEM education
    Dr. Brad McLain

    Chapter 13 - Accessibility evaluation of iOS Apps for education
    Kari Kumar and Dr. Ron Owston

    Chapter 14 - Mobile data tools for teachers: A design-based research pilot study
    Suzanne Rhodes

    Chapter 15 - iPad-Didactics – Didactical designs for iPad-classrooms: Experiences from Danish schools and a Swedish university
    Dr. Isa Jahnke and Dr. Swapna Kumar

    Chapter 16 - Going mobile in science teacher education
    Dr. Evrim Baran and Dr. Samia Khan

    Chapter 17 - Librarian technology leadership in the adoption of iPads in a high school
    Renada Geurtz and Carolyn Foote

    Chapter 18 - iTeach and iLearn with iPads in secondary English language arts
    Gregory Russell and Dr. Joan Hughes

    Chapter 19 - Teacher resiliency (problem solving) and handheld computing
    Dr. Rita Hagevik, Dr. Irina Falls, and Heather Higgins Lynn

    Chapter 20 - iPad-Enabled experiments in an undergraduate physics laboratory
    Dr. Roberto Ramos and Dr. Christopher Devers

    Section 5: The Future of Mobile Learning


    Charles Miller is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design in Learning Technologies and Co-Director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab at the University of Minnesota, USA.

    Aaron Doering is an Associate Professor in Learning Technologies and Co-Director of the Learning Technologies Media lab at the University of Minnesota, USA.

    "The New Landscape of Mobile Learning helps educators, designers, and researchers to understand the changes in pedagogy and classroom practices needed to impact anytime, anywhere education."

    --Professor Zane L. Berge, co-editor of Handbook of Mobile Learning


    "The New Landscape of Mobile Learning is a far-ranging look at the role mobile technologies can play in education. With a wealth of ideas, frameworks, processes, and case studies, this book presents an impressive variety of perspectives to inspire reflection. This book will reward those looking to explore the breadth of possibilities that mobile education provides."

    --Dr. Clark Quinn, author of The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education


    "This is an impressive and comprehensive achievement and tackles a growing and powerful aspect of mobile learning with scholarship, experience, breadth and a sense of history and context. The emphasis is exactly where it needs to be . . . designing, developing and evaluating learning experiences in accessible and practical ways."

    --John Traxler, Professor & Director, Learning Lab