1st Edition

The New Teacher's Guide to Overcoming Common Challenges Curated Advice from Award-Winning Teachers

Edited By Anna M. Quinzio-Zafran, Elizabeth A. Wilkins Copyright 2021
    234 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    234 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    This practical, hands-on guide offers support for your first years in the classroom by offering strategies to overcome ten common challenges found in rural, suburban, and urban school classrooms. The tips are shared by National Board-Certified Teachers, National Teachers of the Year, and other experienced educators. The New Teacher’s Guide to Overcoming Common Challenges provides:

    • 100+ downloadable and customizable resources for new teachers to modify and use in PK-12th grade classrooms. 
    • Web access to an online new teacher social media community including New Teacher Talk podcasts (available on iTunes, Spotify and PodBean [https://newteachersguide.podbean.com/]), Twitter Chats (@NewTeacherTalk1), Instagram (@newteachertalk), blogs, and accompanying webpage: newteachersguide.org.
    • Timely advice that addresses the shift to remote and hybrid learning brought about by the world pandemic.

    This book is used by PK-12 school districts who offer new teacher induction programming, traditional and alternative teacher preparation programs, high school teacher cadet programs, and individual teachers for personal professional learning. Don’t face the challenges alone—learn from those who have been there!


    Chapter 1 Teaching During a Pandemic

    Tonia Holmes-Sutton

    Clint Whitten

    Shannon Rice

    Julie Padilla

    Jennifer Jaros

    David Perrin

    Sara Curran

    David Carroll

    Leana R. Malinowsky

    Susan "Ernie" Rambo

    Chapter 2 Classroom Setup and Management

    Jesse Kraft

    Jana Hunzicker

    Shannon Rice

    Sarah Brown

    Allison Krasnow

    Cynthia Dawn Martelli

    George Dewey

    Laura Roeker

    Chelsea Marelle

    Lois A. Groth

    Candice Chiavola

    Christine Beardslee

    Chapter 3 Culturally Responsive Teaching

    Saroja R. Warner

    Rocio del Castillo and Julia Stearns-Cloat

    Lindsay Smith and Anton Miglietta

    Stephanie Kiley

    Alisa M. Ross

    Clint Whitten

    Joshua D. Case

    Marisol Diaz

    Peggy Shannon-Baker

    Alexis Jones

    Collin Edouard

    Suzanna Nelson

    Chapter 4 Curriculum and Instruction

    Dustin Wright

    Kelli Hamilton

    Soyini Chism

    Alex Stampher

    Gary J. Miller

    Brendan McCormick

    Zach Hall

    Katelyn Giordano

    Aaron Sitze

    David Carroll

    Lydia Gerzel-Short and Karen L.Kohler

    Mary C. Clement

    Chapter 5 Differentiation

    Vicki Phelps

    Will Dwyer

    Sara Curran

    Kylie Martin

    Katrina A. Hovey, Marla J. Lohmann, and Araiane N. Gauvreau

    Hilary Dack

    Neil O’Reilly

    Vicki Phelps

    Deitra A. Kuester and Lauralyn K. Randles

    Christal Hoch

    Angela Danley

    Anita S. Charles

    Calla Stroh

    Chapter 6 English Learners

    Jennifer Jaros

    Rebekah Young

    Carla Huck

    Beatriz Dillman

    Rhonda D. Miller

    Carla Huck

    Katie Tice

    Jeanne Okrasinski

    Marisol Diaz

    Megan Freeman

    Judy Matuszewski

    Erin Laverick

    Socorro Garcia-Alvarado

    Chapter 7 Professionalism/School Culture

    Nathan Bond

    Jana Hunzicker

    Vincent T. Laverick

    Jace Mansfield

    Megan Porter

    Julie Padilla

    Stephanie Morrison

    Rashad J. Talley

    Rose Johnson and Beth Brabham

    Brittany John

    Mary Frances Thomas

    Marygrace Farina, Arleen P. Mariotti, Kimberly A. Schwartz, and Lori Sue Grieb-Severino

    Mary Rebecca Wells and Jana Underwood

    Chapter 8 Navigating Teacher Evaluation

    Amy Howerton

    Lori Abbott

    Amie Livengood

    Rebecca Lehman

    David Perrin

    Melissa Dudic

    Shaunna Alcorn

    Marsha Black-Chen

    Alisa M. Ross

    Meghan A. Kessler

    Maryellyn Friel

    Lynn Williams Leppich

    Chapter 9 Relationship Building/Communication

    Lynn Sikma

    John Lando Carter

    Jameelah R. Wright

    Jennifer Wellberg

    Deepti Kharod

    Chantelle Grace

    Mallika Raman

    Karen L. Kohler and Lydia Gerzel-Short

    Nancy H. Betker

    Heather Lyon

    Pamela Kramer Ertel

    Leana R. Malinowsky

    Nedra L. Cossa

    Alisa M. Ross

    Chapter 10 Student Assessment and Data Literacy

    Daniel M. Frederking

    Amy Howerton

    Adam Larsen

    Harlee Morphis

    Monica Boehle

    Altheria Caldera

    Julia Cuscaden

    Monica Boehle

    Kelly Brooksher

    Joycelyn Forshay

    Davon Clarke

    Kimberly A Schwartz, Marygrace Farina, Lori Sue Grieb-Severino, and Arleen P. Mariottti

    Chapter 11 Work-Life Balance

    Michelle Adler

    Daria Pizzuto

    Ingrid Wagner

    Jennifer Ann Flynn

    Raven Talley

    Deb Coberley

    Marah Lambert

    René Roselle

    Laura Alpaugh

    Bethany Baer

    Alexis Jones

    Matthew Ohlson

    Susan Trostle Brand and Olga Lerner


    Anna M. Quinzio-Zafran provides professional development for candidates and facilitators with the National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University and is a graduate faculty scholar in curriculum and instruction at Northern Illinois University.

    Elizabeth A. Wilkins is professor of curriculum and instruction. She serves as the coordinator of the nationally recognized graduate career and professional development office for the Graduate School at Northern Illinois University.

    All new teachers, regardless of where, what, and whom they teach, need support, encouragement, and ideas. Brimming with research-based practical advice, The New Teacher's Guide to Overcoming Common Challenges is certain to be a treasured companion for teachers beginning their professional journeys, as well as for those who have been around for many years.

    Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita, Language, Literacy, and Culture, College of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


    The New Teacher's Guide to Overcoming Common Challenges focuses on ten common challenges of teaching and emphasizes the importance of culturally, linguistically, and community responsive teaching. It’s utilization of P-12 teacher expertise and creative utilization of networking and social media make it a unique and valuable resource for both teacher educators and new teachers.

    Ken Zeichner, Boeing Professor of Teacher Education Emeritus, University of Washington