1st Edition

The Pleasure of Pictures Pictorial Experience and Aesthetic Appreciation

Edited By Jérôme Pelletier, Alberto Voltolini Copyright 2019
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    The general aim of this volume is to investigate the nature of the relation between pictorial experience and aesthetic appreciation. In particular, it is concerned with the character and intimacy of this relationship: is there a mere causal connection between pictorial experience and aesthetic appreciation, or are the two relata constitutively associated with one another? The essays in the book’s first section investigate important conceptual issues related to the pictorial experience of paintings. In Section II, the essays discuss the notion of styles, techniques, agency, and facture, and also take into account the experience of photographic and cinematic pictures. The Pleasure of Pictures goes substantially beyond current debates in the philosophy of depiction to launch a new area of reflection in philosophical aesthetics.

    Introduction: Pictorial Experience and Aesthetic Appreciation: A Puzzling Relation

    Jérôme Pelletier and Alberto Voltolini

    Part I: Appreciation of Artworks

    1. Seeing the Light: Aesthetic Appreciation and Understanding Pictures

    Elisabeth Schellekens

    2. Pictures: Their Power in Practice

    Dominic McIver Lopes

    3. It’s a Great Work But I Don’t Like It: On the Differences between Aesthetic Evaluation and Appreciation

    Clotilde Calabi, Wolfgang Huemer and Marco Santambrogio

    Part II: Pictorial Experience and Aesthetic Appreciation

    4. Pictorial Experience and Aesthetic Appreciation: Wollheim Reassessed and Vindicated

    Alberto Voltolini

    5. Pictorial Experience and Perceptual Activity

    John Zeimbekis

    6. Threefold Pictorial Experience and Aesthetic Attitude

    Regina-Nino Mion

    7. Stylistic Deformity and Pictorial Experience

    Katerina Bantinaki

    8. Inflection and Representation

    Jérôme Pelletier

    9. Temporal Images: The Anamorphic Game and the Nature of Picture

    Paolo Spinicci

    10. Art Made for Pictures

    John Kulvicki and Bence Nanay

    Part III: Cinematic Appreciation

    11. Sculpting in Time: Temporally Inflected Experience of Cinema

    Robert Hopkins

    12. Why to Watch a Film Twice

    Enrico Terrone

    Part IV: Aesthetic Appreciation, Agency and Facture

    13. Pictures and their Surfaces

    Gregory Currie

    14. Neo-Impressionism Touch and Facture

    Georges Roque

    15. Evidence of Facture and the Appreciative Relevance of Artistic Activity

    David Davies


    Jérôme Pelletier is a Statutary Member at the Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, France

    Alberto Voltolini is Professor in Philosophy of Mind at the University of Turin, Italy