1st Edition

The Political Dimension In Teacher Education Comparative Perspectives On Policy Formation, Socialization And Society

By Beverly Lindsay, Mark B. Ginsburg Copyright 1995

    First Published in 1995. This collection of papers was shaped by a variety of colleagues who attended the panel sessions on this topic, organized at the annual meetings of the American Educational Studies Association (1992), the Comparative and International Education Society (1993), and the American Educational Research Association (1994). The inspiration for this volume are the many policy makers, teacher educators and teacher education students around the world who have struggled and continue to struggle about and in programs to prepare teachers formally. Reading this volume will benefit the individual in that they will not only understand better the challenges they face but also be encouraged and empowered to pursue their ‘political’ goals, particularly those aimed at creating a world in which power and resources are distributed in a just and equitable manner.

    Part 1 Conceptual Introduction; Chapter 1 Conceptualizing the Political Dimension in Teacher Education, Mark B. Ginsburg, Beverly Lindsay; Part 2 Teacher Education Policy Formation; Chapter 2 Teacher Education Policy in England, Maeve Landman, Jenny Ozga; Chapter 3 Politics of Teacher Education in New South Wales, Australia, Christine E. Deer, Susan Groundwater-Smith, Robert Meyenn, Judith Parker; Chapter 4 Teacher Education, Reform and the Politics of Knowledge in the United States, Thomas S. Popkewitz; Chapter 5 Teacher Education in Search of a Metaphor: Defining the Relationship Between Teachers, Teaching and the State in China, Lynn Paine; Chapter 6 Social and Political Contexts of Policy Formation in Teacher Education in Sri Lanka, Maria Teresa Tatto, K.H. Dharmadasa; Chapter 7 The Dynamics of Extending an Integrated Rural Teacher Education Project in Sierra Leone, Kingsley Banya; Chapter 8 The Shaping of Secondary Teacher Preparation in Post-Independence Burkina Faso, Martial Dembélé; Chapter 9 Sociopolitical Realities and Teacher Education in a New South Africa, Beverly Lindsay; Part 3 Political Socialization of Teachers; Chapter 10 Student Teaching as Social Reproduction: An Ethnography in Appalachia in the United States, Linda Spatig; Chapter 11 Preparing Teachers for Gender Politics in Germany: The State, the Church, and Political Socialization, Rajeshwari Raghu; Chapter 12 Contradictions, Resistance and Incorporation in the Political Socialization of Educators in Mexico, Mark B. Ginsburg; Chapter 13 Transforming Teacher Education in Papua New Guinea: A Framework for Sustainable Professional Development in Community Teachers Colleges, Clarrie Burke; Part 4 Implications for a Transformative Agenda in Teacher Education; Chapter 14 Transforming Teacher Education, Schooling, and Society: Lessons Learned and Political Commitments, Beverly Lindsay, Mark B. Ginsburg;


    Carl A Grant University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Mark B. Ginsburgh, Beverly Lindsay