1st Edition

The Politics of International Intervention The Tyranny of Peace

Edited By Mandy Turner, Florian P. Kühn Copyright 2016
    ISBN 9781138310520
    302 Pages
    Published June 30, 2017 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138891272
    302 Pages
    Published October 6, 2015 by Routledge

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    This book critically explores the practices of peacebuilding, and the politics of the communities experiencing intervention.

    The contributions to this volume have a dual focus. First, they analyse the practices of western intervention and peacebuilding, and the prejudices and politics that drive them. Second, they explore how communities experience and deal with this intervention, as well as an understanding of how their political and economic priorities can often diverge markedly from those of the intervener. This is achieved through theoretical and thematic chapters, and an extensive number of in-depth empirical case studies.

    Utilising a variety of conceptual frameworks and disciplines, the book seeks to understand why something so normatively desirable – the pursuit of, and building of, peace – has turned out so badly. From Cambodia to Afghanistan, Iraq to Mali, interventions in the pursuit of peace have not achieved the results desired by the interveners. But, rather, they have created further instability and violence. The contributors to this book explore why.

    This book will be of much interest to students, academics and practitioners of peacebuilding, peacekeeping, international intervention, statebuilding, security studies and IR in general.

    Introduction: The Tyranny of Peace and the Politics of International Intervention, Mandy Turner and Florian P. Kühn 1. International Peace Practice: Ambiguity, Contradictions and Perpetual Violence, Florian P. Kühn 2. Geographies of Reconstruction: Re-thinking Post-war Spaces, Scott Kirsch & Colin Flint 3. Still the Spectre at the Feast: Comparisons between Peacekeeping and Imperialism in Peacekeeping Studies Today, Philip Cunliffe 4. Lineages of Aggressive Peace, Michael Pugh 5. A Double-edged Sword of Peace? Reflections on the Tension Between Representation and Protection in Gendering Liberal Peacebuilding, Heidi Hudson 6. UNTAC, Peace and Violence in Cambodia, Caroline Hughes 7. Securing and stabilising: peacebuilding-as-counterinsurgency in the occupied Palestinian territory, Mandy Turner 8. Waging War and Building Peace in Afghanistan, Astri Suhrke 9. War and Peace in Côte d’Ivoire: Violence, Agency, and the Local/International Line, Bruno Charbonneau 10. Enemy Images, Coercive Socio-engineering and Civil War in Iraq, Toby Dodge 11. Libya in the shadow of Iraq: the Old Guard versus the Thuwwar in the battle for stability, Nicolas Pelham 12. Defending Neoliberal Mali: French Military Intervention and the Management of Contested Political Narratives, Bruno Charbonneau and Jonathan Sears 13. Intervention and Non-intervention in the Syria Crisis, Christopher Phillips


    Mandy Turner is Director of the Kenyon Institute, at the Council for British Research in the Levant, East Jerusalem and Visiting Research Fellow at the Middle East Centre, London School of Economics, UK.

    Florian P. Kühn is Interim Professor for Comparative Politics at Magdeburg’s Otto von Guericke University, Germany.

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