1st Edition

The Politics of Youth, Sex, and Health Care in American Schools

By Marvin D Feit, Barbara A Rienzo Copyright 2002
    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    Examine school-based health clinics and the political considerations and strategies that can help them succeed!

    The Politics of Youth, Sex, and Health Care in American Schools reveals the history and political dynamics involved in building and sustaining an important innovation in the way health care services are delivered to America’s youth: the school-based health clinic. These clinics provide vital health services--including crucial yet controversial reproductive services--to youth. In addition to analyzing the nature and extent of the political barriers facing school-based clinics, this vital book describes the strategies that have proven most effective in overcoming them.

    This essential book begins with an overview of the existing literature on the history and provision of health care for youth. Then it presents the results of a study that utilized a two-pronged approach: a nationwide survey of clinic administrators (supplemented with aggregate data) and intensive case studies of five representative locales. By combining the quantitative data from the national survey with the more qualitative information gleaned from the case study field work, The Politics of Youth, Sex, and Health Care in American Schools can deliver broad yet accurate generalizations as well as detailed interpretation of the authors’findings.

    This informative and insightful volume explores:

    • the ways that school-based health clinics (SBHCs) have evolved, confronted opposition, and grown
    • day-to-day issues that SBHCs face, including inadequate funding, lack of parental involvement, unsupportive teachers and schools, staffing/training issues, cultural issues, and more
    • sources of opposition to SBHCs, including fundamentalist Protestants, Black Evangelicals, Catholics, and conservative parent groups
    • ways to establish successful school health care reforms
    • issues and recommendations for SBHCs in the future
    To date, there have been very few empirical studies of the politics of school health or of the provision of sexuality-related health services for youth. The greatest depth and breadth of information you can find on the subject is here, in The Politics of Youth, Sex, and Health Care in American Schools.

    • Preface
    • Chapter 1. Evolution of Health Services in Schools
    • Health Status and Care of American Youth
    • Schools and Health Care
    • The Development of School-Based Clinics
    • Effectiveness of School-Based Health Centers
    • SBHCs Confront Opposition
    • Growth of SBHCs
    • School Clinics As Policy Change
    • Politics Matters
    • Our Study of SBHCs: Why Is It Important?
    • Chapter 2. Major Problems of School Health Centers
    • Day-to-Day Issues
    • Major Underlying Issues
    • Characteristics of Less Successful Clinics
    • Chapter 3. The Establishment and Success of School Health Reforms
    • Inner Circle of Support
    • Outer Circle of Support
    • Building the Web of Support
    • Role of the Media
    • Funding for SBHCs
    • Characteristics of Successful Clinics
    • SBHCs That Have Prospered
    • Chapter 4. Sexuality Services and the Political Opposition
    • SBHCs and Prevention of Sexually Related Health Problems
    • Sources of Opposition to SBHCs
    • Characteristics of Clinics Offering Sexuality Services
    • Political Tactics of the Opposition
    • Strategies of Advocates
    • Race and Politics Matter
    • Chapter 5. The Future of SBHCs As a School Reform: Issues and Recommendations
    • Financial Support
    • Mental Health Services
    • Dealing with Sexual Orientation
    • The Gender Gap
    • Neglect of Latinos
    • Underutilized Resources
    • Political Advocates for Youth
    • Accountability
    • Dealing with the Race Issue
    • “Model” SBHC Reform
    • Politics As the Key
    • References
    • Index


    Marvin D Feit, Barbara A Rienzo