2nd Edition

The Power of Teacher Leaders Their Roles, Influence, and Impact

Edited By Nathan Bond Copyright 2022
    318 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    318 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its second edition, The Power of Teacher Leaders, copublished by Routledge and Kappa Delta Pi, serves as a resource for understanding the varied ways that teacher leaders foster positive change in their schools, profession, and communities. By definition, teacher leaders are teachers who stay in the classroom, maintaining their commitment to teaching students while assuming informal and formal leadership positions beyond the classroom. It is that commitment to teaching and their desire to improve student learning that motivate them to become teacher leaders.

    Written by researchers and teacher leaders, each chapter describes a particular way that teachers are leading, connects to the relevant scholarly literature, and assesses the impact of the teacher leaders on students and communities. The second edition features new chapters on less common and unresearched teacher leadership roles, informal teacher leadership, and teacher leaders as social justice advocates. This edited collection shows how teacher leaders play an important role in the improvement of student learning, teacher professional development, and school and community climate.



    Part 1: Roles of Teacher Leaders

    Informal Teacher Leadership: Reculturing Schools and the Profession

    Melinda Mangin and Carolyn Ross

    Teacher Leaders: Pathways of Practice and Impact (Without Leaving the Classroom)

    Elizabeth A. Wilkins and Anna M. Quinzio-Zafran

    Communities of Learning: Teacher Leadership Through Action Research in the Classroom

    Johanna Barnes and Nicholas J. Shudak

    Teacher Leaders During Nontraditional Instruction: Continuing with Inquiry-Based Science

    Sherri L. Brown, Ann E. Larson, and Margot Holmes Smith

    Teacher Leaders’ Roles, Preparation, and Impact in a District-wide Digital Conversion

    Dave Miller, Raffaella Borasi, Zenon Borys, Cynthia Callard, Cynthia Carson, and Michael Occhino

    The Influence of Teacher Leaders in Informal Learning Contexts

    Kimberly Sterin, Christopher J. Fornaro, and Katrina Struloeff

    Teacher Leadership and Professional Organizations: A Case Study of Two High School Teachers

    Nathan Bond

    Part 2: Becoming a Teacher Leader

    A Case for Clinical Residencies in Developing Teacher Leaders

    Kimberly M. Baker, Jean S. Lee, Katherine W. Stickney, and Deborah D. Sachs

    The Role of Professional Organizations in Developing Preservice Teacher Leaders

    Wanda Santos and Emily Hoeh

    Beyond the Managerial and Bureaucratic: Developing Teacher Leaders for Social Justice      

    Henry "Cody" Miller, Todd McCardle, Emily Zuccaro, and Mario Worlds

    The Principal as Catalyst for Innovation and Shared Leadership

    William Sterrett

    Instructional Coaches: Helping Classroom Teachers Become Teacher Leaders

    Robin Williams

    Developing Teacher Leaders Through Parent Organizations

    Danielle M. Thomas

    Part 3: Teacher Leaders and Social Justice

    Equity-Focused Teacher Leadership: Using Equity Audits to Positively Influence Socioeconomic Disparities

    Jana Hunzicker

    Feminist Teacher Leadership: Disrupting the Patriarchal Binary

    Monica Taylor, Emily J. Klein, Kristen Trabona, and Mika Munakata

    Preservice Teachers: Leading Positive Change for the Inclusion and Support of LGBTQ+ Students

    Lori Ciccomascolo and Susan Trostle Brand

    Special Educator Teacher Leaders

    Clinton Smith

    Conceptualization and Enactment of Teacher Leadership Practice in Rural Schools

    Patricia A. Follette and Erin K. Washburn

    Teacher Leaders as Community Organizers

    Edna Jean Foxhall, Evelyn Hodge, Monica Elexia Hodge, and Danita Henry Stapleton


    Nathan Bond is Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA.