3rd Edition

The Practice of Clinical and Counselling Supervision Australian and International Applications

Edited By Nadine Pelling, Philip Armstrong Copyright 2025
    450 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    450 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Quality supervision assists in quality service provision. The Practice of Clinical and Counselling Supervision: Australian & International Applications is the third edition of the leading Australian state-of-the-art text for supervision training applicable to a vast range of applied therapists. Counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, and clinical nurse supervisors will all find the presentation of supervision approaches, methods, and applications helpful.

    From introductory conceptualisations of counselling to ethical applications and from interacting with suicidality to addressing supervisee fears, this book has what supervisors need to know about supervision. Specialty areas including domestic violence, Christian counselling, and the status of supervision research are also covered. This 3rd edition uniquely details information on supervision and counselling in various counties and thus honours the diversity of applied supervision globally.

    With an impressive list of contributors from Australia and the broader region, this book provides a wealth of practical information, advice, theory, research evidence, and essential training for supervisors.

    Part A: Introduction. 1.  Introduction to Clinical Supervision, John Barletta 2. Conceptualising Counselling Supervision, Philip Armstrong 3. Administration and Marketing of Supervision, Philip Armstrong Part B: Professional Issues 4. Ethical Issues in the Clinical Supervision of Evidence-Based practices, Cynthia J. Osborn & Thomas E. Davis 5. When psychotherapy becomes a matter of life and death: Supervision for suicide prevention by Helen M. Stallman 6. Addressing supervisee fears and interest areas in supervision, Nadine Pelling 7. Supervision and Vicarious Trauma, Fran Lane 8. Demonstrating hope, compassion, and justice: Supervision of family violence counsellors in Australia, Stephen O’Kane Part C: Approaches 9. Models of supervision: from theory to practice, Herbert Biggs, Matthew Bambling, and Zoe Hazelwood 10. Alliance Supervision to Enhance Client Outcomes, Matthew Bambling 11. Solution Focussed Supervision Ann Moir-Bussy 12. Processes and interventions to facilitate supervisees’ learning  Keithia Wilson and Alf Lizzio (23 pages; 2 figures; 9577 words) 13. Christian Counselling Supervision, Shannon Hood and Tracey Milson 14. Supervision of Social Workers by Rebecca Braid Part D: Professional Counsellors and Supervisors 15. Who are Australian counsellors and how do they attend to their professional development?  Caleb Lack, Nadine Pelling, & Deah Abbott 16. The Supervisory Relationship, Jason Dixon 17: Supervisor development Nadine Pelling and Elisa Agostinelli 18. Multicultural Counselling Supervision: Strengthening Learning and Practice Applications Nancy Arthur Part E: Evaluation 19. Supervision as Gatekeeping: Managing professional competency problems in student supervisees Brian Sullivan and Elisa Agostinelli 20. Counsellor Competence Nadine Pelling 21. Supervising clinical placement, John Barletta and Jason Dixon Part F: Research 22. The State of Supervision Scholarship in the 21st Century, Nadine Pelling, Deah Abbott, & Caleb W Lack 23. An overview of psychotherapy research in Asia Regionally-specific research on psychotherapy and counselling, Deah Abbott and Caleb Lack 24. Research on evidence-based therapies in Asian countries, Kyle Haws, Yasmin Shiralli, & Caleb Lack. Part G: International Variations 25. INTERNATIONAL COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATIONS AND RESOURCES, Nadine Pelling 26: Counselling regulation, education, supervision, and representation in Canada, Nicola Gazzola and Kate Gignac 27. Strategic approaches to managing the development of the counselling profession in Hong Kong, Pui Chi TSE 28. An Overview of counselling practices in Indonesia, Marina Salmond, Karel K. Himawan, Jessica Ariela, & Eunike M. Himawan 29. Counselling regulation, education, and representation in Malaysia  Melati Sumari, Dini Farhana Baharudin, Hartini Abdul Rahman, and Norfaezah Md Khalid,  30. The counseling profession in the Philippines, Ma. Teresa G. Tuason, Margaret Helen Alvarez, and Bridget Stanton 31. The Professionalisation of Counselling Supervision in Singapore, Jeffrey Po 32. Counseling regulation, education, and representation in the United States of America, Janeé Steele and Tiffany Lee Appendix A: Example Supervision Contract. Appendix B: Example Counselling Contract. Appendix C: Family Violence Supervision. Appendix D: Possible Answers to Educational Questions and Activities


    Nadine Pelling is a Clinical Psychologist, Member of the Australian Psychological Society and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, and an Approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and Counselling at the University of South Australia and maintains a private practice in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. 

    Philip Armstrong is the past CEO of the Australian Counselling Association (Apr 2000 to Oct 2023), current Executive Director of Optimise Potential, and is the founder of the RISE UP Supervision program. Philip also held an Adjunct Senior Industry Fellow position at the University of South Australia from 2000 to Oct 2023.