1st Edition

The Primary STEM Ideas Book Engaging Classroom Activities Combining Mathematics, Science and D&T

By Elizabeth Flinn, Anne Mulligan Copyright 2019
    178 Pages
    by Routledge

    178 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Primary STEM Ideas Book is designed to promote the integrated teaching of STEM in the primary classroom by providing teachers with lesson ideas for investigations and projects. The statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for science, mathematics and design and technology are comprehensively covered through a variety of practical, stimulating and engaging activities, which have all been tried and tested in the primary classroom. The interrelationship between the STEM subjects is strongly integrated throughout, allowing children’s knowledge and skills to develop with confidence in these key subjects through activities that only require easily accessible resources generally found in the classroom.

    Written by subject specialists with years of classroom experience teaching STEM subjects, each chapter contains:

    • A rationale showing links to the National Curriculum
    • Key subject knowledge
    • Brief activity plans
    • Ideas for supporting higher and lower attaining children
    • Follow-up ideas to provide extra inspiration

    Including ‘how to’ guides and other photocopiable resources, this book is perfect for creating integrated lessons, group work and discussions relating to STEM. The Primary STEM Ideas Book provides easy to follow instructions and helps spark fresh inspiration for both new and experienced teachers in primary STEM education.

    1. Introduction to STEM
    2. How to use this book
    3. Organisation

      Curriculum links

      Photocopiable resources

      STEM or STEAM

      Curriculum map

    4. It’s about time
    5. Sundials

      Water clocks

      Candle clocks

      Gravity clocks

      Alarm clocks

      Tracking the sun

    6. Pattern
    7. Are you Vitruvian Man?

      Fibonacci and the golden rectangle

      Symmetry in nature

      Number patterns

      3-D Shape bubbles


    8. A to B
    9. Egg race

      Defying gravity

      Post a crisp

      Animal antics

      Is fastest best?

      Cable cars and lifts

    10. Plant Magic
    11. Pea mazes

      Living walls

      Meet a tree

      Grow a meal

      Plants for building

      Sunflower race

    12. Help!
    13. Heliographs

      Buoyancy aids

      Wind chill




    14. Chocolate
    15. How strong is chocolate?


      Chocolate wrappers

      Flat pack building

      Making chocolate

      Market research

    16. Up, up and away
    17. Paper planes

      Jet engines





    18. STEM beyond the curriculum
    19. Who forged the cheque?

      Chain reaction

      Building with triangles

      Sorting machines

      Packing puzzles

      Makey Makey


    Dr Elizabeth Flinn worked in cancer research before retraining to become a primary science specialist. She taught KS2 and KS3 Science in a variety of schools in the state and independent sectors for over a decade. She is now a Lecturer in primary science and design and technology education at Middlesex University in London.

    Dr Anne Mulligan is a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University in London where she teaches primary mathematics on the Initial Teacher Education programmes. She has over 20 years of experience teaching in the primary classroom, specialising in KS1, and spent four years as a Deputy Head Teacher before moving to teacher education.