1st Edition

The Principal’s Special Education Calendar A Month-by-Month Roadmap to Building Consistency, Equity, and Compliance in Your School

By Joanne W. Lane Copyright 2025
    112 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    112 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    The Principal’s Special Education Calendar is a pragmatic, “do-now” guide that addresses a building leader’s special education responsibilities over the course of the school year.

    Developed for novice and experienced principals, it also meets the needs of professors and aspiring principal candidates looking for a resource to bridge theoretical approaches with the practical aspects of the job.

    Based on quarterly marking periods for ease of planning and organization, this book provides a comprehensive guide for principals. It includes real-life scenarios, legal red flags, must-have resources to illustrate, “Why this is important,” and key monthly tasks with concluding checklists that recap the top action items for follow-up – all in a conversational, easy-to-read format. 

    With a focus on what information principals need to know, when to know it, and why, this book is the ultimate hands-on special education guide for principals everywhere to build compliance and fill in the gaps left bare in preparation programs.

    Part 1: Summer Planning  1. July  2. August  Part 2: First Quarter Marking Period  3. September  4. October  5. November  Part 3: Second Quarter Marking Period  6. December  7. January  8. February  Part 4: Third Quarter Marking Period  9. March  10. April  Part 5: Final Quarter Marking Period  11. May  12. June  Appendix A: Master Calendar for the Year  Appendix B: List of Abbreviations and Acronyms  Appendix C: Internet Resources


    Joanne W. Lane, Ed.D., is a former school administrator with more than forty years of experience in K–12 settings and higher education as a speech-language pathologist, principal, director of special education, assistant superintendent, adjunct lecturer, and internship supervisor in educational administration. She currently serves as a special education consultant in New York State. 

    “That new dyslexic student in our school is allergic to peanuts, carries an EpiPen 24/7, and had an IEP last year. If he goes into an anaphylactic shock in class next week, what should I have done differently? What if his reading comprehension level continues to fall compared to his peers? Am I, my school, and my school district liable for harm? To prevent these fears and scenarios from becoming your reality, read this book.”

    Peter W. D. WrightAttorney at Law

    “Dr. Joanne Lane has woven federal and state special education laws into the fabric of school routines, preparing leaders and teachers on how best to avoid non-compliance. Using the format of the school calendar, Dr. Lane highlights common areas of neglect while suggesting ways to enhance the educational experience of students with special needs. Every educator must have this well-written book on their desk to address organizational preparation, parental communications, and emergency situations that could save the lives of our precious students.”

    Jan P. Hammond, Ed.D.Professor Emerita, State University of New York at New Paltz, NY 

    “This go to handbook is exactly what the special education practitioner needs. Dr. Lane has cleverly created a step by step guide that is almost fail safe. I can see this being especially helpful to the new director or administrator of a special education program. As a former Director of Special Education, I can say with confidence that this handbook would have been exceedingly helpful.”

    Josephine Moffett, Ed.D., Director of the Executive Leadership Ed.D. Program for St. John Fisher University

    “This practical book is very useful for all Education Leaders not just Special Education specialists.  There are children with special needs in every school and all building and district leaders should be aware of the cycle of requirements.  The format is perfect and reflects the issues as they come up throughout the year.”

    Rose Rudnitski, Ed.D., Professor and Program Director in Educational Leadership, Mercy University, New York

    “I am the father of a child with an IEP and three disabilities. It has been all too apparent in the negative experiences my child has endured that school administrators lack an understanding of special education and are disconnected from their responsibilities in managing related issues. This book can be a constructive guide for them to develop insight, an understanding of special education law and their accountability in addressing the needs of students with disabilities.”

    Tim McArdleParent 

    “Dr. Lane has recognized the impact of administrative misconceptions of IDEA on day-to-day, month to month and yearly school operations. Her easy-to-follow guide outlines the required special education benchmarks in a logical order and provides budgetary, personnel, and programmatic suggestions so general and special education can work together for the benefit of all students. As a building leader, it provides the true Big Picture of the year, decreasing unexpected or unplanned for expenses and events. It supports legal compliance, but equally as important, it empowers the reader. Shared knowledge can only assist in building a strong partnership between building and pupil personnel administrators, so all students are OUR students.”

    Rebecca GreenExecutive Director of Educational Resources, Dutchess BOCES 

    “Dr. Lane’s book, The Principal’s Special Education Calendar, is an indispensable resource for school leaders. As a former principal and director of elementary education, I can attest to its practicality and relevance. This month-by-month guide equips principals with the essential knowledge and strategies needed to ensure consistency, equity and compliance in special education, making it a must have for any school striving for excellence.” 

    Paula C. Perez, Ed.D.Retired Principal and Director of Elementary Education, Kingston City Schools; Educator

    “I have known Dr. Lane for many years and can attest first hand to her formidable and unique talents. Principals are responsible for the learning needs of all students. This particular text is geared to the most vulnerable of those students and provides a framework that guarantees success. It is easy to follow, time-lined and succinct. The book is deeply informative, and an astute guideline borne of exceptional academic and practical experience.”

    Al DerryRetired School Superintendent, Sullivan West CSD