1st Edition

The Private Schooling of Girls Past and Present

By Geoffrey Walford Copyright 1993

    Hitherto only a small proportion of the research on private education has been on the schooling of girls. Debate on the subject, while often heated, even prejudiced, proceeds largely in ignorance of the historical development of private schooling, the currently changing nature of private schooling, and the wide diversity of provision of private schooling. This collection of previously unpublished essays presents important new research on the history and development of girls' private schools, their present role and the experience of privately educated girls. Taken together, the findings are both enlightening and likely to stimulate further exploration of this surprisingly under-researched area.

    History of Education Quarterly- "This is a tantalizing volume of essays for those interested in the dynamics of gender, power, and socialization.... The social and intellectual values that have resulted in the lavishing of so much attention upon the reproduction of ruling elites in the English public schools are reflected in every chapter in this collection."

    British Educational Research Journal- "It provides fascinating glimpses into the generation, rhetoric and processes of the independent schooling of girls, and elicits....the strong desire for more....The book is truly post-modern in the range and eclecticism of disciplines, epistemologies and methodologies presented in its nine chapters."

    Journal of Educational Administration- " The richness and diversity which Walford highlights as characteristic of the private sector are certainly reflected in the essays contained in this volume, most of which make interesting reading and are based on valuable and original research


    Geoffrey Walford