1st Edition

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship New Perspectives

    424 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    424 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives is an update of the earlier landmark volume in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Organizational Frontiers Series. This new book takes stock of the advances in the field of the psychology of entrepreneurship with all new chapters and presents the latest findings on traditional topics, such as cognition, motivation, affect, personality, and action.

    The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives compiles research of the most prolific scholars in the field to produce an overview of the most important psychological topics relevant to entrepreneurship. It includes novel insights into topics such as entrepreneurial cognition, intrapreneurship and innovation, leadership, entrepreneurial competencies, action theory, entrepreneurship training, and the process of entrepreneurship. Additionally, the updated volume presents new topics that have become more and more important in entrepreneurship research. These topics include affect, clinical psychology and disorders, biological correlates of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial teams, culture, identity, starting capital, failure and exit, contextual factors, age and demographic change, evidence-based entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs’ well-being.

    With a collection of authors comprising experts who have developed the field over the last decade, The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives is vital to all students, scholars, and instructors interested in staying abreast of the most current, novel research and insights into the psychology of entrepreneurship.

    1. Introduction to The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: The Next Decade

    Michael M. Gielnik, Melissa S. Cardon & Michael Frese

    2. Entrepreneurial Cognition Research – An Update

    J. Robert Mitchell, Trevor Israelsen & Ronald K. Mitchell

    3. Mapping the Heart: Trends and Future Directions for Affect Research in Entrepreneurship

    Yi Huang, Maw-Der Foo, Charles Y. Murnieks & Marilyn A. Uy

    4. Clinical Psychology Constructs in Entrepreneurship Research: ADHD, Personality Disorders, and Others

    Daniel A. Lerner, Holger Patzelt & Johan Wiklund

    5. The Biology of Entrepreneurship

    Ahmed Maged Nofal, Nicos Nicolaou & Scott Shane

    6. Where the Magic Happens: Opening the Black Box of Entrepreneurial Team Functioning

    Nicola Breugst & Rebecca Preller

    7. Intrapreneurship and Firm Innovation: Conditions Contributing to Innovation

    Michael D. Mumford, Samantha Elliott & Robert W. Martin

    8. Culture and Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

    Ute Stephan

    9. Leading Entrepreneurial Ventures: A Psychology-Based Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

    Shane W. Reid, Aaron H. Anglin & Jeffrey M. Pollack

    10. Founder Identity Theory

    Ted Baker & E. Erin Powell

    11. An Action Theory (AT) Approach to the Psychology of Entrepreneurial Actions and Entrepreneurial Success

    Michael Frese

    12. Entrepreneurs’ Competencies

    Marco van Gelderen

    13. A Psychological Perspective on Raising Startup Capital: Pitching in the Modern Era

    Chaim Letwin, Regan Stevenson & Michael Ciuchta

    14. Entrepreneurial Failure and Exit

    Anna Jenkins & Orla Byrne

    15. Geographical Contexts of Entrepreneurship: Spaces, Places and Entrepreneurial Agency

    Erik Stam & Friederike Welter

    16. Entrepreneurship Training and Transfer

    K. Jakob Weers & Michael M. Gielnik

    17. Entrepreneurship Across the Lifespan

    Mona Mensmann & Hannes Zacher

    18. Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship: An Extended Approach

    Andreas Rauch & Michael M. Gielnik

    19. The Well-being of Entrepreneurs and Their Stakeholders

    James Bort, Ute Stephan & Johan Wiklund

    20. Psychology, Process, and the Entrepreneurial Artifact

    Per Davidsson

    21. The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: Looking 10 years back and 10 years ahead

    Melissa S. Cardon, Dean A. Shepherd & Robert Baron


    Michael M. Gielnik is Professor of HR Development at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany. His research focuses on entrepreneurship from a psychological perspective, in particular entrepreneurial learning and training. He has taken a special interest in entrepreneurship in developing countries.

    Melissa S. Cardon is the Haslam Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. Her research focuses on unleashing human potential within entrepreneurial firms, including a dual interest in human resources practices that maximize employee potential, and the emotional, relational, and cognitive aspects of entrepreneurs that contribute to optimizing their behavior and performance.

    Michael Frese has won many awards and is affiliated with the Asia School of Business (in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management), the Institute of Management and Organization at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany, and the NUS Business School in Singapore (provost chair and former head of department). He bases his research on action theory and has developed the famous personal initiative training for entrepreneurs in developing countries. He was editor of the last version of this important book and counts as one of the founding fathers of psychological approaches to entrepreneurship.

    "This pathbreaking book makes clear the important inroads that psychology has contributed to the field of entrepreneurship. Not only does it contain state-of-the art research and thinking from a ‘who's who’ in the field, but it is a must read to anyone and everyone interested in entrepreneurship."David Audretsch, Indiana University, USA