1st Edition

The Psychology of Human Social Development From Infancy to Adolescence

By Sandie Taylor, Lance Workman Copyright 2018
    594 Pages
    by Routledge

    594 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Psychology of Human Social Development provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential core topics and exciting new findings in this thriving field of developmental psychology.

    Following a thematic approach, the book looks at key topics in social development in childhood and adolescence, including personality development and research methods, taking the reader from first principles to an advanced understanding. The book explores socio-emotional development and social learning, as well as the history of thinking, and the evolutionary roots of social development, whilst also providing a clear balance between nature and nurture approaches. Taylor and Workman’s user-friendly writing style accommodates readers with no previous knowledge of the subject area whilst exploring the most up-to-date theories and research from various areas of psychology which have gained relevance to developmental psychology.

    Featuring student-friendly pedagogy throughout, including end-of-chapter summaries, further reading recommendations and questions for discussion, The Psychology of Human Social Development is essential reading for undergraduates on social development or developmental psychology courses and relevant for related fields such as education, gender studies and nursing.


    Chapter 1: Introduction to themes and theories of development

    Chapter 2: Research methods in social development

    Chapter 3: Emotional development and attachment

    Chapter 4: Cognition and communication

    Chapter 5: Development of social cognition: theory of ind

    Chapter 6: Influence of the family

    Chapter 7: Influence of peers and friends

    Chapter 8: Development of self-concept

    Chapter 9: Social development through play

    Chapter 10: Moral development and prosocial behaviour

    Chapter 11: Antisocial behaviour

    Chapter 12: Individual differences: temperament and personality

    Chapter 13: The role of the media

    Chapter 14: The future for our understanding of social development





    Dr Sandie Taylor is a visiting Lecturer at the University of South Wales, UK, and has 20 years' experience teaching criminological and developmental psychology. She has previously published: Forensic Psychology: The Basics and Crime and Criminality: A Multidisciplinary Approach.

    Professor Lance Workman is a visiting Professor at the University of South Wales, UK, and has published widely on biological and evolutionary psychology. His previous books include: Evolutionary Psychology and Evolution and Behavior (both with co-author Will Reader).