1st Edition

The Rise of Conference Interpreting in China Insiders' Accounts

Edited By Irene A. Zhang, Riccardo Moratto Copyright 2024
    184 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In this landmark project, Professor Zhang and Professor Moratto piece together the history of how conference interpreting developed as a profession in China after the reform and opening up of the late 1970s.

    Based on interviews with the alumni of the early efforts to develop conference interpreting capabilities between Chinese and English (and French), the authors illuminate the international programs and relationships which were instrumental in bringing this about. While paying tribute to the earliest interpreters who interpreted for the first-generation CPC leaders, including Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Deng Xiaoping, they track key cooperative projects between Chinese ministries and both the United Nations and European Union, as well as China’s domestic efforts, which developed into today’s formal programs at major universities.

    An essential resource for scholars and students of conference interpreting in China, alongside its sister volume Conference Interpreting in China: Practice, Training and Research.


    Zhengren Li 李正仁

    Introduction: The Rise of Conference Interpreting in China

    Irene A. Zhang 张爱玲 and Riccardo Moratto

    1. Born or Made? Becoming an Interpreter

    Lynette Shi 施晓菁 and Simon Hao Sheng 盛皓

    2. Evolving Professional Roles and Status of Conference Interpreters

    Yuqiang Zhou 周育强, Xu Li 李旭 and Cheng Zhan 詹成

    3. A Tale of Three Cities, and the Centre of Excellence in Training Conference Interpreters

    Harry P. Dai 戴惠萍, Irene A. Zhang 张爱玲 and Wenjie Jo Mei 梅文杰

    4. Shaping China’s Conference Interpreter Training at the UN: The Career Path of a Trailblazer

    Zhengren Li 李正仁, Xinyue Wu 吴忻悦 and Riccardo Moratto

    5. From China’s Foreign Ministry to the UN Headquarters: Interpreter and Witness of History

    Feng Chen 陈锋 and Qilu Xu 徐琦璐

    6. Developing Competence for the Conference Interpreting Profession: A Case Study of a Veteran UN Interpreter

    Xiaolan Feng 冯小兰, Han Zhang 张晗 and Cheng Zhan 詹成

    7. Risk Management of Diplomatic Interpreters in Political Settings

    Zhikai Gao 高志凯, Cheng Zhan 詹成 and Xu Li 李旭

    8. Lacunae, Anecdotes, and Legends about Pioneer Interpreters: A Case Study to Explore French-Chinese Interpreting Training in China and Beyond

    Feng Li 李枫, Guiqing Zheng 郑桂卿 and Riccardo Moratto

    9. From Language Learner to Conference Interpreter: Individual Professionalization of a Francophone UN Conference Interpreter

    Zhiguo Yang 杨治国, Jing Bu 步婧 and Riccardo Moratto

    10. The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Interpretation (DG SCIC) and Its Cooperation with China

    Paul Brennan, Yinying Wang 王吟颖 and Ning Ding 丁宁

    11. The EU-China Interpreter Training Project (EUCITP) in China

    Yanjun Vicky Chen 陈延军 and Shucheng Isabelle Wang 王舒诚


    Irene A. Zhang is Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies and Dean of the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation (GIIT), Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).

    Riccardo Moratto is Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies at the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation (GIIT), Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).