1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Critical Marketing

    528 Pages
    by Routledge

    528 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to Critical Marketing brings together the latest research in Critical Marketing Studies in one authoritative and convenient volume. The world’s leading scholars and rising stars collaborate here to provide a survey of this lively subdiscipline. In doing so they demonstrate how a critical approach yields an enriched understanding of marketing theory and practice, its role in society, and its relationship with consumers themselves.

    It is the first attempt to capture the state of Critical Marketing research in many years. As such, this seminal work is unmissable for scholars and students of marketing and consumer research as well as those exploring sociology, media studies, anthropology and consumption scholarship more generally.

    Chapter One: Introducing and Advancing Critical Marketing Studies (Mark Tadajewski, Matthew Higgins, Janice Denegri-Knott, and Rohit Varman).  PART I: Exploring the Terrain of Critical Marketing Studies.  Chapter Two: Postmodernism and Critical Marketing (Nikhilesh Dholakia and A. Fuat Fırat).  Chapter Three: Postcolonialism, Subalternity, and Critical Marketing (Rohit Varman).   Chapter Four: Feminist Perspectives in Marketing: Past, Present, and Future (Pauline Maclaran and Olga Kravets).   Chapter Five: Critical Social Marketing: Reflections, Introspections, and Future (Ross Gordon).  Chapter Six: Critical Macromarketing, Sustainable Marketing, and Globalization (William E. Kilbourne).  Chapter Seven: Critical Perspectives on Place Marketing (Massimo Giovanardi, Mihalis Kavaratzis, and Maria Lichrou).  Chapter Eight: Critical Arts Marketing (Gretchen Larsen and Finola Kerrigan).  Part II: Critical Marketing: Marketing Practices in Focus.  Chapter Nine: Critical Studies of Marketing Work (Peter Svensson).  Chapter Ten: The Cultural Turn in Lifestyle Research: Overview and Reflections (Gokcen Coskuner-Balli).  Chapter Eleven: Advertising Practice and Critical Marketing (Chris Hackley).  Chapter Twelve: Critical Reflections on the Marketing Concept and Consumer Sovereignty (Mark Tadajewski).  Chapter Thirteen: Service-Dominant Logic: The Evolution of a Universal Marketing Rhetoric (Chris Miles).  Chapter Fourteen: Metaphor and Relationship Marketing Discourse (Lisa O’Malley).  Chapter Fifteen: Critical Perspectives on Ethical Consumption (Michal Carrington and Andreas Chatzidakis).  Chapter Sixteen: Religious Critiques of the Market (Aliakbar Jafari).  Part III: Rethinking Consumers and Markets: Critiques of Markets.  Chapter Seventeen: Re-mapping Power for Critical Marketing and Consumer Research (Janice Denegri-Knott).   Chapter Eighteen: Ideology and Critical Marketing Studies (Giana M. Eckhardt, Rohit Varman, and Nikhilesh Dholakia).   Chapter Nineteen: Non-Western Cultures and Critical Marketing (Özlem Sandıkcı Türkdoğan).   Chapter Twenty: Choice and Choicelessness in Consumer Practice (Ruby Roy Dholakia, A. Fuat Fırat, and Nikhilesh Dholakia).    Chapter Twenty-One: Managing Racial Stigma in Consumer Culture (David Crockett).    Chapter Twenty-Two: Consumer Vulnerability: Critical Insights from Stories, Action Research and Visual Culture (Susan Dunnett, Kathy Hamilton, and Maria Piacentini).    Chapter Twenty-Three: The Embodied Consumer (Maurice Patterson).   Part IV: Critical Marketing: Marketing Practices in Focus.   Chapter Twenty-Four: Critical Perspectives on Brand Management (Adam Arvidsson and Alex Giordano).   Chapter Twenty-Five: Gender, Marketing, and Emotions: A Critical, Feminist Exploration of the Ideological Helix that Defines Our Working Worlds (Lorna Stevens).   Chapter Twenty-Six: Biopolitical Marketing and the Commodification of Social Contexts (Detlev Zwick and Alan Bradshaw).   Chapter Twenty-Seven: Exploitation and Emancipation (Bernard Cova and Bernard Paranque).   Chapter Twenty-Eight: Political Economy Approaches to Transnational Commodity Markets: An Application to the Case of the Global Palm Oil Market (Martin Fougère).  Chapter Twenty-Nine: Social Media, Big Data, and Critical Marketing (Christian Fuchs).   Chapter Thirty: Marketing and the Production of Consumers’ Objective Violence (Eduardo André Teixeira Ayrosa and Renata Couto de Azevedo de Oliveira).


    Mark Tadajewski is Honorary Visiting Professor of Marketing at the University of York, UK.

    Matthew Higgins is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Consumption at the University of Leicester, UK.

    Janice Denegri-Knott is Principal Academic of Interactive Marketing at Bournemouth University, UK.

    Rohit Varman is Professor of Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management, India.

    This edited volume on Critical Marketing Studies is essential reading for all constituencies, including academics, marketing practitioners, consumers, and advocacy groups, that wish to fully understand the good, bad, and ugly of how exchange relationships manifest in most economies. Well-written, timely, and documented to the finest detail, the various authors put forth an excellent analysis and critique of a system that impacts all of humanity and its quality of life. Read it or face the consequences of continued ignorance!
    Ronald Paul Hill (Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Maryland) is a Visiting Professor of Marketing and holds a Dean’s Excellence Faculty Fellowship at the Kogod School of Business, American University, USA

    This book offers a foundational resource for critical work in marketing that goes beyond criticism to generate compelling new ideas, productive insights, and transformational paradigms. Close attention will cause readers to rethink their fundamental understanding of marketing.
    Jonathan Schroeder, William A. Kern Professor in Communications, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA

    There is a great need for more Critical Marketing Studies and this book brings together a thorough review of what has been done thus far. Inspiration abounds in these chapters and they will open the imagination and conscience to new problems that cry out for critical attention.
    Russell Belk, Distinguished Research Professor and Kraft Foods Canada Chair of Marketing, York University, Canada

    Drawing on their vast collective knowledge, Tadajewski, Higgins, Denegri-Knott, and Varman skilfully help students and scholars understand the importance, trajectory, and scope of Critical Marketing Studies. This is the kind of companion I wish I’d had when I began my career. I can’t recommend it highly enou