1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Ethics

Edited By Kaisa Koskinen, Nike K. Pokorn Copyright 2021
    508 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    508 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Ethics offers a comprehensive overview of issues surrounding ethics in translating and interpreting. The chapters chart the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of ethical thinking in Translation Studies and analyze the ethical dilemmas of various translatorial actors, including translation trainers and researchers.

    Authored by leading scholars and new voices in the field, the 31 chapters present a wide coverage of emerging issues such as increasing technologization of translation, posthumanism, volunteering and activism, accessibility and linguistic human rights. Many chapters provide the first extensive overview of the topic or present new takes on established areas. The book is divided into four parts, with the first covering the most influential ethical theories. Part II takes the perspective of agents in different contexts and the ethical dilemmas they face, while Part III takes a critical look at central institutions structuring and controlling ethical behaviour. Finally, Part IV focuses on special issues and new challenges, and signals new directions for further study.

    This handbook is an indispensable resource for all students and researchers of translation and ethics within translation and interpreting studies, multilingualism and comparative literature.

    Llist of contributors



    1. Ethics and Translation: An Introduction
    2. Kaisa Koskinen and Nike K. Pokorn


      Part I

    3. Virtue Ethics in Translation
    4. Andrew Chesterman

    5. Translation Ethics in the Chinese Tradition
    6. Xin Guangqin

    7. Ethics in Socialist Translation Theories
    8. Brian James Baer and Christina Schäffner

    9. Functional Translation Theories and Ethics
    10. Gernot Hebenstreit

    11. Ethics in Berman and Meschonnic
    12. Françoise Massardier-Kenney

    13. The Ethics of Linguistic Hospitality and Untranslatability in Derrida and Ricœur
    14. Nike K. Pokorn and Kaisa Koskinen

    15. The Ethics of Postcolonial Translation
    16. Douglas Robinson

    17. Feminist Translation Ethics
    18. Emek Ergun

    19. Venuti and the Ethics of Difference
    20. Jenni Laaksonen and Kaisa Koskinen

    21. Translator Ethics
    22. Anthony Pym


      Part II

    23. Professional Translator Ethics
    24. Joseph Lambert

    25. Literary Translator Ethics
    26. Cecilia Alvstad

    27. Conference Interpreter Ethics
    28. Wen Ren and Mingyue Yin

    29. Ethics in Public Service Interpreting
    30. Sonja Pöllabauer and Iris Topolovec

    31. Ethics of Volunteering in Translation and Interpreting
    32. Salah Basamalah

    33. Ethics of Activist Translation and Interpreting
    34. Julie Boéri and Carmen Delgado Luchner

    35. Translation Technology and Ethics
    36. Lynne Bowker

    37. Translation and Posthumanism
    38. Michael Cronin


      Part III

    39. Ethics Codes for Interpreters and Translators
    40. Lluís Baixauli-Olmos

    41. Ethics in the Translation Industry
    42. Joss Moorkens and Marta Rocchi

    43. Ethics in Translator and Interpreter Education
    44. Georgios Floros

    45. Ethics of Translator and Interpreter Education
    46. Raquel Pacheco Aguilar and Dilek Dizdar

    47. Research Ethics in Translation and Interpreting Studies
    48. Christopher D. Mellinger and Brian James Baer

      Part IV

    49. Ethics in Child Language Brokering
    50. Claudia V. Angelelli

    51. Translating and Interpreting in Conflict and Crisis
    52. Małgorzata Tryuk

    53. Ethical Stress in Translation and Interpreting
    54. Severine Hubscher-Davidson

    55. Linguistic First Aid
    56. Svetlana Probirskaja

    57. Ethics of Translating Sacred Texts
    58. Hephzibah Israel

    59. Ethics of Collaboration and Control in Literary Translation
    60. Outi Paloposki and Nike K. Pokorn

    61. Accessibility and Linguistic Rights

              Maija Hirvonen and Tuija Kinnunen




    Kaisa Koskinen is Professor of Translation Studies at Tampere University, Finland. She has authored several articles and monographs, including Translating Institutions: An Ethnographic Study of EU Translation (2008) and Translation and Affect (2020). 

    Nike K. Pokorn is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is the author of several acticles and monographs, including Challenging the Traditional Axioms: Translation into a Non-Mother Tongue (2005) and Post-Socialist Translation Practices (2012).

    "A wide-ranging and comprehensive treatment of a key concept that has so far failed to receive sustained attention in translation studies. Bound to become the key reference on the topic for many years to come."

    Mona Baker, University of Manchester, UK

    "This is a long-overdue comprehensive overview of how ethics and translation are inextricably linked, carefully curated and edited by two of the world’s leading scholars in the field. An invigorating combination of established and fresh voices, it will be an essential resource for researchers and trainers for decades to come." 

    Joanna Drugan, University of East Anglia, UK