1st Edition

The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Sociology

Edited By Sergey Tyulenev, Wenyan Luo Copyright 2024
    584 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Sociology is the first encyclopaedic presentation of the research into social aspects of translation and interpreting. It consists of thirty-five chapters contributed by forty experts in their respective fields of the sociology of translation.

    The Handbook traces the evolution of research into social aspects of translation and interpreting, explains the basics of the sociology of translation, offers an insight into studies of translation within sociology, shows the place translation and interpreting occupies among social functional systems and its interactions with social forces and practices.

    With global coverage spanning all inhabited continents, the Handbook examines translational practices across diverse cultures and historical periods, from ancient origins to modern professional practices.

    Suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of translation and interpreting, as well as researchers in the sociology of translation, the Handbook furnishes readers with a comprehensive understanding of the field. It offers a thorough exploration of the current state of the sociology of translation and suggests avenues for further research.

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    Notes on contributors


    Sergey Tyulenev and Wenyan Luo


    Part I. Towards a sociology of translation

    1. Emerging sociology of translation

    Douglas Robinson

    2. Social aspects in linguistic theories of translation

    Brian James Baer and Sergey Tyulenev

    3. Social aspects in culture-focused translation theories

    Jie Xing

    4. Sociocriticism: Translation as an expression of social communication

    Annie Brisset


    Part II. The fundamentals of the sociology of translation

    5. The unit of translation from the sociological viewpoint

    Xiao Di, Sergey Tyulenev and Wenyan Luo

    6. Translation as a social structure

    Hongtao Wang

    7. Macrosociology of translation

    Gleb Dmitrienko

    8. Microsociology of translation

    Wenyan Luo

    9. Macro/micro gap

    Sergey Tyulenev

    10. Translator studies and translators as social actors

    Klaus Kaindl and Mikael Evdokimov

    11. Researching sociological aspects of translation and interpreting

    Christopher D. Mellinger


    Part III. Translation in sociology

    12. Translation in sociological research

    Rafael Y. Schögler

    13. Towards a translational sociology

    Esperança Bielsa


    Part IV. Translation and social functional systems

    14. Translation and politics

    Yazid Haroun

    15. Translation and law

    Guadalupe Soriano Barabino

    16. Translation, the economy and business

    Daniel Gallego-Hernández

    17. Translation and military structures

    Małgorzata Tryuk

    18. Healthcare interpreting as a socially contextualized activity

    Elaine Hsieh and Xiaolu Ma

    19. Translation and education

    Esa Hartmann and Anthony Cordingley

    20. Translation in mass media

    Marlie van Rooyen and Lucile Davier

    21. Translation and religion

    Piotr Blumczynski

    22. Translation and science

    Barbara Heinisch and Sergey Tyulenev

    23. Translation and art

    Haoxuan Zhang


    Part V. Translation and social forces and practices

    24. Translation and globalization

    David Inglis

    25. Translation and emergency

    Marija Todorova

    26. Translation and technology

    Kizito Tekwa

    27. Translation and censorship/ideology

    Denise Merkle

    28. Translation and social activism

    Anne Lange

    29. Translation (studies) and imagology

    Luc van Doorslaer

    30. Translation and memory

    Tamara Barakat

    31. Community translation as social action

    Mustapha Taibi

    32. Translation, gender and sexuality

    Ge Bai

    33. Translation as a professional project

    Volga Yilmaz Gümüş

    34. Translator training and professional socialisation

    Catherine Way and Elena Ruiz-Cortés

    35. Translation and project management

    Callum Walker



    Sergey Tyulenev is Professor of Translation Studies at Durham University, the Editor of the Routledge Introductions to Translation and Interpreting series, and a member of the editorial boards of the journals Translation and Interpreting Studies and Translation in Society. Among his major publications are Applying Luhmann to Translation Studies (2011); Translation and Society: An Introduction (2014).

    Wenyan Luo is Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Translation, Lingnan University. Her research interests lie the sociology of translation, translation history, and translator studies. She recently published a monograph entitled Translation as Actor-Networking (Routledge, 2020).

    ‘This handbook presents and explores translation as a universal social mediator; it is a long-awaited application of sociology in all its forms to the study of translation. Compiled by a culturally diverse group of scholars, it offers fundamental readings on a broad range of sociological approaches to translation studies that reach across the world.’