1st Edition

The Routledge International Handbook of Education, Religion and Values

Edited By James Arthur, Terence Lovat Copyright 2013
    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    The academic fields of religion and values have become the focus of renewed interest in contemporary thinking about human activity and its motivations. The Routledge International Handbook of Education, Religion and Values explores and expands upon a range of international research related to this revival. The book provides an authoritative overview of global issues in religion and values, surveying the state of the academic area in contributions covering a wide range of topics. It includes emerging, controversial, and cutting-edge contributions, as well as investigations into more established areas.

    International authorities Arthur and Lovat have brought together experts from across the world to examine the complexity of the field of study. The handbook is organised around four key topics, which focus on both the importance of religion and values as broad fields of human enquiry, as well as in their application to education, inter-agency work and cross-cultural endeavours:

    -The Conceptual World of Religion and Values
    -Religion and Values in Education
    -Religion and Values in Inter-agency Work
    -Religion and Values in Cross-cultural Work.

    This comprehensive reference work combines theoretical and empirical research of international significance, and will be valuable reading for students, researchers and academics in the field of education.

    Introduction James Arthur and Terence Lovat  Part I: The Conceptual World of Religion and Values  Religious Meaning, Practical Reason and Values David Carr  Values and the Phenomenology of Religion Philip L. Barnes  Do Values Depend on Religion? Would it be Best if they Didn't? Brian Hill  Existentially Sensitive Education Martin Ubani  Diversity of Religions and Freedom of Religions and Belief Gary Bouma  Some Reflections on Secular Values in Education James Arthur  Part II: Religion and Values in Education  An Introduction to Education and Values Andrew Peterson  Catholic Values and Education Policy Gerald Grace  Teachers and Christian Religious Values Trevor Cooling  Virtue and Value in Educational Research Julian Stern  Values and Religion in Education Peta Goldburg  Why Meditate? Oren Ergas  Soul Searching: Prayer and Process of Education Hanan Alexander  From "Islamic" Values to "Religio-Secular" Values in Muslim Contexts: Pedagogical Implications of a Conceptual Shift Farid Panjwani  "The Cowl and the Curriculum" – the New Monasticism, Values and Schools Peter Mudge  A Dynamic Systems Approach to Moral and Spiritual Development Derek Sankey and Minkang Kim  Part III: Religion and Values in Inter-agency Work  Religion and Values: A Review of Empirical Research Leslie Francis and Gemma Penny  Values and Spirituality in Social Work Mel Gray  Religion in the Public Sphere Patrik Fridlund  Moral Problems of New Technologies Christoph Baumgartner  Human and Religious Values in Society: A Relativistic Perspective Robert Crotty  Diverse Political Values: Human Rights and Global Democracy Anthony Langlois  Faith Communities, Social Capital and Civic Engagement John Annette  Part IV: Religion and Values in Cross-cultural Work  The Intersection of Religious Education and Values Andrew Wright  Religious Identity in a Post-Modern Culture Eoin Cassidy  Education and Religious Authority: Six Benchmark Questions for Framing an Enquiry Liam Gearon  Educating for Harmony in Conflict Settings Zehavit Gross  Sibling Rivalry Between Islam and the West: The Problem Lies Within Terence Lovat  Going Beyond Reason? Variants of Intertwining Religion and Law Maik Herold  Ethics in an Optics: The Levinasian Perspective on Value as Primary Dan Fleming  Shari‘ah Values for Modern Societies: Analysis of Contents and Contexts Luqman Zakariyah  The Subjective and Universal in Modern Islamic Values Kelly al-Dakkak


    James Arthur is Head of the School of Education at the University of Birmingham, UK, and the Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Values, UK.

    Terence Lovat is a Professor Emeritus and former Pro Vice-Chancellor in Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK.