1st Edition

The Routledge Physical Education Reader

Edited By Richard Bailey, David Kirk Copyright 2009
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    444 Pages
    by Routledge

    Physical Education teaching and research is fundamental to the physical and social health of our communities. The Routledge Physical Education Reader presents an authoritative and representative selection of the very best international scholarship in PE, drawn from across the full topical range of the discipline.

    Containing a rich blend of contemporary, ‘classic’ and hard-to-find articles, this book helps students gain a full understanding of the historical context in which current issues and debates within PE have emerged. Leading international scholars Richard Bailey and David Kirk weave a thoughtful editorial commentary throughout the book that illuminates each key theme, making insightful and important connections between articles and approaches. The book is divided into eight thematic sections, each of which includes an extensive guide to further reading:

    • Nature and values of physical education
    • physical education and sport
    • physical education and health
    • learners and learning
    • teachers and teaching
    • curriculum and content
    • social construction of bodies
    • researching physical education.

    Addressing the most important topics in contemporary physical education, and representing a comprehensive ‘one-stop’ resource, The Routledge Physical Education Reader is essential reading for all serious students of physical education, sport, coaching, exercise and health.

    Foreword: Doune Macdonald

    Introduction: Richard Bailey and David Kirk

    Part 1: Nature and values of physical education

    McNamee, M; Bailey, R.P.; Bain, L.L.

    Part 2: Physical education and sport

    Siedentop, D.; Houlihan, B.

    Part 3: Physical education and health

    Harris, J.; Wright, J., Macdonald, D. & Groom, L.

    Part 4: Learners and learning

    Kirk, D. & Macdonald, D.; Lee, A. M.; Rink, J. E.; Evans, J.

    Part 5: Teachers and Teaching

    Green, K.; Kirk, D.; Armour, K.M. and Duncombe, R.; Siedentop, D.

    Part 6: Curriculum and Content

    Gard, M.; Kirk, D., & MacPhail, A.; Dyson, B., Griffin, L. and Hastie, P.

    Part 7: Social construction of bodies

    Fitzgerald, H.; Oliver, K.L. & Lalik, R.; Gard, M. and Wright, J.

    Part 8: Researching physical education

    Macdonald, D., Kirk, D., Metzler, M.W., Nilges, L.M., Schempp, P. & Wright, J.; Hastie, P. and Siedentop, D.


    Richard Bailey, David Kirk

    "a compelling overview of the growing sophistication of physical education scholarship internationally, and a great resource for students and scholars"

    Professor Mary O'Sullivan, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences,
    University of Limerick.


    "With contributions from some of the foremost pioneers and innovative thinkers in the field of physical education, this Reader stands as a worthy successor to the 2006 Handbook of Physical Education. Its poignant focus on some of the most central issues and debates in our field and beyond suggests that this text will provide food for thought for newcomers to the field and senior scholars alike."

    Dr Nate McCaughtry, Associate Professor, Dept. of Kinesiology, Wayne State University


    "An invaluable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in physical education ... essential to assisting students and their teachers understand physical education in its social, political and cultural context, so that they might shape their own ideas and build an understanding of the field informed by the debates, rather than simply being reactive to current rhetorics."

    Jan Wright, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong.