2nd Edition

The School Counselor’s Guide to Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

    418 Pages 72 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    418 Pages 72 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The revision of this innovative book provides school counseling students, practitioners, leaders, supervisors, and faculty with information and resources regarding the alignment and implementation of school counseling, specifically comprehensive school counseling programs.

    Complementing and expanding upon the audience’s knowledge and implementation of CSCPs such as the ASCA 2019 National Model, chapters include a strong theoretical and research base as well as related practical examples from the field—including case studies of practicing school counselors, and relevant, hands-on resources and tools to assist school counselors facilitate MTSS. New topics such as culturally sustaining and antiracist practice are woven into the chapters, in addition to covering the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health crises, and capturing timely and current practices in K-12 education and school counseling.

    Innovative, unique, and including a plethora of useful tools and resources, this guide to MTSS and school counseling is ideal for graduate students and current school counselors in the field.

    1. Multi-tiered Systems of Support: The What, Why, and How for School Counselors

    Lindsay M. Fallon, Susannah Everett, Tamika P. La Salle, Hao-Jan Luh, Adam Feinberg, and George Sugai

    2. Integrating School Counseling and MTSS

    Emily Goodman-Scott and Melissa S. Ockerman

    3. Culturally Affirming and Antiracist MTSS: Advocating for Equity for Every Student

    Jennifer Betters-Bubon, Stephanie Smith-Durkin, and Holly Kortemeier

    4. School Counselors Consulting and Collaborating Within MTSS

    Blaire Cholewa, Kathleen C. Laundy, and Joseph Williams

    5. Tier 1: Creating Equitable Systems of Support and Facilitating Systemic Change

    Mandy Savitz-Romer and Christopher Sink

    6. Tier 1: School Counseling Instruction and Classroom Management for Every Student

    Rawn Boulden, Mia Kim Chang, Erin Mason, and Caroline Lopez-Perry

    7. Tier 2: Providing Culturally Sustaining Supports for Students with Elevated Needs

    Jacob Olsen, Ian Levy, and Rebecca Pianta

    8. Tier 3: Specialized Services for Students with Intensive Needs 

    Jolie Ziomek-Daigle

    9. Universal Screening to Support MTSS

    Peg Donohue, Emily Goodman-Scott, and John Crocker

    10. Braiding Key Initiatives into the MTSS Framework to Support the Whole Child

    Peg Donohue, Damien Sweeney, and Kim Traverso

    11. Using Data in MTSS to Improve Systems and Student Outcomes

    Julia V. Taylor and Melanie Burgess

    12. Evidence-Based Practices Across MTSS

    Melissa Mariani and Summer Perhay Kuba

    13. Addressing Barriers to Culturally Responsive and Sustaining MTSS Implementation and School Counseling Program Alignment: Practical Strategies for School Counselors

    Jacob Olsen, Natalie Edirmanasinghe, Peg Donohue, and Jennifer Betters-Bubon

    Appendix A: CACREP Standards

    Appendix B: Sample Syllabi


    Emily Goodman-Scott, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, NCSC, ACS, is Associate Professor, School Counseling Coordinator, and Counseling Graduate Program Director at Old Dominion University.

    Jennifer Betters-Bubon, Ph.D., LCP, is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator in Counselor Education at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

    Peg Donohue, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and School Counseling Coordinator at Central Connecticut State University in the Department of Counselor Education and Family Therapy. 

    Jacob Olsen, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling at the California State University Long Beach.

    "With MTSS increasingly used to organize student services in schools, this text is a crucial resource. Providing clear and extensive ideas for integrating school counseling with MTSS and written with both student and practitioner needs in mind, it’s invaluable to our field."

    Carey Dimmitt, Ph.D., Author of Evidence-Based School Counseling

    "The School Counselor’s Guide to MTSS is a must-have resource for integrating comprehensive school counseling, RTI, school-based mental health, and PBIS into a sustainable MTSS at the district and campus levels. This collaborative effort delivers evidence-based practices to assist educators in serving all students, including those with elevated, intensive needs."     

    Kimberly Guerrero, Professional Development Consultant, Education Service Center Region 19, El Paso, Texas 

    "If the concept and implementation of Multi-tiered systems of support have befuddled you, then The School Counselor’s Guide to Multi-Tiered Systems of Support is the book for you. As a counselor educator, I found this book an invaluable, must-read resource for teaching my school counselors-in-training about MTSS, implementing MTSS as a practitioner, and evaluating the implementation and progress within a school setting. The authors have made a daunting model accessible and understandable. This book is a must for every school counselor who uses an MTSS model within their practice." 

    E. Mackenzie Shell, PhD, Counselor Educator, Central Connecticut State University


    "Now more than ever before students need school counseling support as they begin to adapt to school, family, and the community as the global pandemic begins to subside. This new edition of The School Counselor’s Guide to MTSS reminds school counselors of the importance of equity and access for all students and how integrating MTSS into the comprehensive school counseling program makes that a reality. By utilizing culturally responsive and sustaining practices across the 3 tiers, school counselors can positively impact school data, student outcomes and create positive and safe learning environments."

    Carol Dahir, Ed.D., School Counselor Educator, New York Institute of Technology


    "I love The School Counselor’s Guide to MTSS! The text addresses so many important issues for my students to understand, including utilizing data and universal screening. I especially appreciate the focus on culturally responsive MTSS and equity, both such important topics for our students to completely understand before they go out into the field." 

    Sarah Zalewski, PhD, LPC, NCC, School Counselor Educator, Central Connecticut State University