2nd Edition

The Social Skills Handbook Practical Activities for Social Communication

By Sue Hutchings Copyright 2020

    Now in a revised second edition, this book offers practical guidance for setting up and running social skills sessions. Based on well-established therapeutic principles, this is a flexible, easy-to-use resource suitable for practitioners and professionals working in a range of settings. An overview of social communication theory and the principles of groupwork forms a solid foundation for the session and activity guidance, structured so that the sessions progress from basic skills such as ‘Eye Contact’ and ‘Empathy’ to more complex skills such as ‘Problem Solving’ and ‘Making Friends’.

    Features of the book include:

    • Practical and theoretical information for session facilitators

    • Over 70 versatile, easy-to-follow activity suggestions designed to suit all ages and levels of social ability

    • An attractive visual layout that includes colour coded sections, tables and illustrations

    • Brand new activities focused on ‘Dealing with Conflict’ and social communication ‘In the Workplace’.

    With ever increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with some form of social difficulty, this book will be an essential resource for anybody working within health and social care, education and the community looking to teach and develop social confidence and communication skills.

    Acknowledgements  List of Tables and Figures  Preface  Section 1 What is Social Communication?  Section 2 Guidelines for Setting Up and Running Sessions  Session Template  Section 3 Basic Social Communication  Section 4 Complex Social Communication  References  Index


    Sue Hutchings qualified as an Occupational Therapist in the late 1970s and worked predominantly in community mental health. For the later part of her career, she worked in Occupational Therapy education and was active in the support and professional development of students on fieldwork placements in a range of health and social care settings. She has a long-held interest in social communication and how it can best be acquired and used to positive effect in everyday life.