1st Edition

The Spectrum of Teaching Styles in Physical Education

Edited By Brendan SueSee, Mitch Hewitt, Shane Pill Copyright 2020
    198 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    198 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This is the first in-depth, practice-focused book to explain ‘spectrum theory’ and its application in physical education and sports coaching. Spectrum theory identifies 11 distinct teaching styles, with decision making as a central characteristic, and allows teachers to select age and developmentally appropriate styles across social, physical, ethical, emotional and cognitive channels. The book brings together leading thinkers in spectrum theory, to demonstrate how it can be applied to improve teaching and learning in PE and coaching.

    Drawing on real-world research in schools and universities, the book considers the history of spectrum theory, and examines its significance across important areas such as physical education teacher education, sport pedagogy, teacher development, models such as Games Sense and Teaching Games for Understanding, skill acquisition and student learning and perception. Every chapter highlights the practical implications of research in real-world settings and considers how spectrum theory can enhance learning experiences.

    This book is invaluable reading for all pre-service and in-service school physical education teachers, sports coaches, school pedagogical leaders and college lecturers.

    1. Introduction to the Spectrum

    Mitch Hewitt, Brendan SueSee and Shane Pill

    2. History and Overview of the Spectrum                    

    Sara Ashworth

    3. The Spectrum: My Journey

    Mark Byra

    4. Using the Spectrum to Interrogate the Teaching Styles of Physical Education Teachers

    Brendan SueSee

    5. Using the Spectrum to Ground PETE Students’ Pedagogical Footings

    Shane Pill and Joss Rankin

    6. Considering the Application of a Range of Teaching Styles from the Spectrum that Promotes the Holistic Development of Tennis Players in a Variety of Learning Domains

    Mitch Hewitt

    7. Reconciling Approaches: Mosston and Ashworth’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles as a Tool to Examine the Complexity of Any Teaching (Or Coaching) Approach

    Brendan SueSee, Shane Pill and Mitch Hewitt

    8. An Analysis of Spectrum Research on Teaching: Study 2

    Constantine Chatoupis

    9. Featuring the Spectrum in an Eclectic PETE Program

    Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

    10. Inclusion Style of Teaching: Student Autonomy and Responsibility

    Mark Byra

    11. Effects of the Reciprocal Teaching Style on Skill Acquisition, Verbal Interaction, and Ability to Analyse in Fifth Grade Children in Physical Education

    Michael Goldberger and Brendan SueSee

    12. Teachers’ and Students’ Experiences with and Perceptions of the Teaching Styles

    Donetta J. Cothran and Pamela Hodges Kulina

    13. Examining Physical Education Teachers’ and Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers’ Knowledge Related to Reproduction and Production Teaching Styles Through the Framework Theory of Conceptual Change

    Ioannis Syrmpas and Nikolaos Digelidis

    14. The Teaching Continuum: A Framework for Generalist Trained Elementary School Teachers in Physical Education

    Brent Bradford, Clive Hickson and Stephen Berg

    15. Future Considerations on the Spectrum

    Mitch Hewitt, Shane Pill and Brendan SueSee


    Brendan SueSee is Lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

    Mitch Hewitt is Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Canberra and University of Southern Queensland, Australia and works for Tennis Australia.

    Shane Pill is Associate Professor in Physical Education and Sport at Flinders University, Australia.