1st Edition

The Speech and Language Activity Resource Book Themed Therapy Sessions for Adults

By Tracy Broadley Jackson Copyright 2022
    332 Pages 159 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    332 Pages 159 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    The Speech and Language Activity Resource Book offers a flexible and readily available set of activities and worksheets designed to support speech and language therapists as they deliver personalised and engaging therapy sessions.

    With topics based on seasons, hobbies, sports and celebrations, etc, the worksheets can be selected to suit a client’s interests as well as targeting specific skills and needs. The engaging activities encourage conversation and participation, promoting skill development in a way that is easily translated into everyday communication.

    Key features of this book include:

    • A range of activities, arranged by level of difficulty, that can be selected based on the client’s individual need
    • A person-centred approach to therapy, enabling the time-poor practitioner the opportunity to personalise their care with ease
    • Photocopiable and downloadable sheets that can be completed during therapy sessions or sent out to the client for home practice, as well as blank worksheets that can be used to create new, appropriate activities

    Easily adaptable for group sessions, one-on-one therapy sessions and home activities, this is an essential tool for speech and language therapists and occupational therapists, as well as families and other practitioners supporting adults with a range of acquired communication difficulties.

    Introduction How To Use This Resource Chapter 1 – Spring Chapter 2 – Summer Chapter 3 – Autumn Chapter 4 – Winter Chapter 5 – Films Chapter 6 – Dogs Chapter 7 – Cats Chapter 8 – Travel Chapter 9 – Technology Chapter 10 – Birds Chapter 11 – Gardening Chapter 12 – Golf Chapter 13 – Food and Drink Chapter 14 – Entertainment Chapter 15 – Football Chapter 16 – The Great Outdoors Chapter 17 – Racquets, Bats and Balls Chapter 18 – Arts and Crafts Chapter 19 – Celebrations Chapter 20 – Health and Well-Being  Appendix 1 – Blank Templates ACROSTIC Board game 1 Board game 2 Card and Dice Game Categorising Objects or Actions Crossword Grid Pen and Paper Grid Wars Word Search Words of Increasing Length Writing Sentences Blank Boxes Writing Sentences Blank Boxes – Longer Sentences Writing Sentences Blank Boxes – Numbered Boxes Appendix 2: About Me Questionnaire References


    Tracy Broadley Jackson has over 30 years of experience as a speech and language therapist, developing her skills across a variety of clinical settings. She has worked with a range of clients throughout her career, including people with voice and fluency difficulties and those with communication problems arising from acute brain damage and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and dementia.

    Currently, she has two roles. Firstly, as an independent speech and language therapist, running her own practice, Speakmore. Secondly, she works for the NHS in a mental health hospital as part of a multidisciplinary team across in-patient wards.

    Delivering person-centred care is at the heart of her work; knowing a client’s interests and hobbies is key to helping that person remain motivated and express themselves in a way that allows them to be the unique individual they are. This approach inspired her to produce The Speech and Language Activity Resource Book and share with colleagues the activities that have shaped her individual and group therapy sessions.