1st Edition

The Struggle for the Soul of Teacher Education

By Kenneth M. Zeichner Copyright 2018
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Struggle for the Soul of Teacher Education is a much-needed exploration of the unprecedented current controversies and debates over teacher education and professionalism. Set within the context of neo-liberal education reforms across the globe, the book explores how the current struggles over teaching and teacher education in the US came about, as well as reflections on where we should head in the future. Zeichner provides specific examples of work that moves teacher education toward greater congruency between ideals and practices, while outlining the basis for a new form of community-based teacher education, where universities and other program providers, local communities, school districts, and teacher unions share responsibility for the preparation of teachers. Ultimately, Zeichner problematizes an uncritical shift to more practice and clinical experience, and discusses the enduring problems of clinical teacher education that need to be addressed for this shift to be educative.

    Readers are sure to gain insight on transforming teacher education so it more adequately addresses the need to prepare teachers capable of providing a high-quality education with access to a rich and broad curriculum, and culturally and community responsive teaching for everyone’s children.

    Table of Contents

    Series Editor Introduction

    [Michael Apple]


    [Kenneth Zeichner, Boeing Professor of Teacher Education, University of Washington]

    1. The struggle for the soul of teaching and teacher education

    [Kenneth Zeichner]

    2. Neo-liberalism and the transformation of teacher education in the US

    [Kenneth Zeichner]

    3. Venture philanthropy and teacher education policy in the US

    [Kenneth Zeichner and Cesar Sandoval-Pena, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso Chile]

    4. Beyond knowledge ventriloquism and echo chambers: Raising the quality of the debate in teacher education

    [Ken Zeichner and Hilary G. Conklin, DePaul University]

    5. Independent teacher education programs: Aprocryphal claims, illusory evidence

    [Kenneth Zeichner]

    6. Democratizing teacher education

    [Kenneth Zeichner, Katherina Payne, K., University of Texas at Austin, and Kate Brayko, University of Montana]

    7. Opportunities and pitfalls in the turn toward practice and clinical experiences in US teacher education

    [Kenneth Zeichner and Marisa Bier, Seattle Teacher Residency Program]

    8. Engaging local community members as mentors of the teachers of their children

    [Kenneth Zeichner, Michael Bowman, Iowa State University, Lorena Guillen, University of California, Los Angeles, and Kate Napolitan, Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University]

    9.Developing professional capital in teaching through initial teacher education: Comparing strategies in Alberta Canada and the US

    [Kenneth Zeichner and Jesslyn Hollar, Edgewood College]

    10. Advancing social justice and democracy in teacher education: Teacher preparation 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

    [Kenneth Zeichner]


    Kenneth M. Zeichner is the Boeing Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Washington, USA.

    'Grounded in historical and contemporary perspectives on how, where, and at what cost teachers are prepared, The Struggle for the Soul of Teacher Education is the book for which we have been waiting! Zeichner skillfully outlines a community-centered approach to transforming teacher education that surely will change how we think about the work of teaching and teacher education, and what we do to ensure students experience the kinds of learning opportunities they deserve in classrooms across the globe.'–H. Richard Milner IV, Helen Faison Professor Urban Education, University of Pittsburgh

    'Ken Zeichner has been a leading voice in teacher education for almost four decades. In this book, he continues to challenge the field, urging us to be alert to the all-too-common "illusion of change" in teacher education and to engage in serious reflection on the future of the field. Zeichner offers a vision in which universities, school districts, teachers’ unions, and communities collaborate to prepare "culturally and community responsive teachers." The Struggle for the Soul of Teacher Education is a must-read for anyone committed to significantly improving the preparation of teachers.'–Ana María Villegas, Professor, Secondary and Special Education and Director of the Teacher Education and Teacher Development PhD Program, Montclair State University