1st Edition

The Study Of Educational Politics The 1994 Commemorative Yearbook Of The Politics Of Education Association 1969-1994

Edited By Jay D. Scribner, Donald H. Layton Copyright 1995

    This text is intended to be of use as a guide for students, scholars and researchers of the politics of education and of educational policy studies. The comprehensive work surveys major trends between 1969 and 1994, with chapters synthesising political and policy developments at local, national and state levels in the US as well as in the international arena. The text contains in-depth examinations of the emerging micropolitics of the field of education as well as policy analysis and cultural and feminist studies, and bibliographies are provided at the end of each chapter.; Designed as both a text and a reference volume, this special yearbook was planned in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Politics of Education Association in 1994.

    Part 1 Values and origins; Chapter 1 Values: the ‘What?’ of the politics of education, Robert T. Stout, Marilyn Tallerico, Kent Paredes Scribner; Chapter 2 The politics of education: from political science to multi-disciplinary inquiry, Kenneth K. Wong; Part 2 The political arenas of education; Chapter 3 The crucible of democracy: the local arena, Laurence Iannaccone, Frank W. Lutz; Chapter 4 State policy-making and school reform, Tim L. Mazzoni; Chapter 5 Politics of education at the federal level, Gerald E. Sroufe; Chapter 6 The international arena, Frances C. Fowler; Part 3 Emerging research directions and strategies; Chapter 7 Policy analysis and the study of the politics of education, James G. Cibulka; Chapter 8 Rational choice theory and the politics of education: promise and limitations, William Lowe Boyd, Robert L. Crowson, Tyll van Geel; Chapter 9 The micropolitics of education: mapping the multiple dimensions of power relations in school polities, Betty Malen; Chapter 10 Rethinking the public and private spheres: feminist and cultural studies perspectives on the politics of education, Catherine Marshall, Gary L. Anderson; Part 4 A quarter-century in perspective: implications for future research; Chapter 11 Making the politics of education even more interesting, Richard G. Townsend, Norman Robinson; Chapter 12 Educational politics and policy: and the game goes on, Jay D. Scribner, Pedro Reyes, Lance D. Fusarelli;


    Jay D. Scribner The University of Texas at Austin, Donald H. Layton The University at Albany State University of New York