1st Edition

The Teaching Improvement Agenda What Matters and How Teaching Excellence Is Achieved

    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    Drawing on ten years of research into whole-of-school teaching improvement, this engaging text explains what teaching improvement requires, how it is achieved, and how to maintain it in your classroom and school.

    Based on studies involving real schools and real teachers, The Teaching Improvement Agenda is focused on what really matters for teachers and leaders in today’s schools. The book begins with an examination of the education field to identify the fundamental elements which inform and generate teaching improvement. This lays the foundations for an instructive set of innovative, research-informed strategies which have been designed to empower the teacher and school leader to improve teaching across the whole school. The book closes with a series of case studies that demonstrate these approaches in action.

     Answering the "what?" and "how?" questions of teaching improvement, this book is an essential guide for school leaders and teachers, as well as instructors and students in initial teacher education.

    Part 1: The case for change  1. The teaching transformation agenda: An introduction  2. A new world challenging schools and teachers  3. Education systems in crisis  4. What does it mean to be “educated?  Part 2: Prefiguring changes to teaching, schooling and teacher education  5. A rethink of the school curriculum  6. Exploring the concept of teaching transformation  7. A new school teaching logic  Part 3: Designing a new paradigm for teaching and schooling  8. New concepts for a transformation of school teaching  9. Prefiguring a new grammar of schooling  10. An expanded focus for schools  11. Preparing a new teacher construct for a new grammar of schooling  12. A transformational teacher education program  Part 4: Conclusions  13. What’s been done before and what can we learn from it?  14. The teaching transformation agenda


    David Lynch, Professor of Education and Research Leader of TeachLab, Southern Cross University, Australia.

    Richard Smith, Adjunct Professor, Southern Cross University and Emeritus Professor, Central Queensland University, Australia.

    David Turner, Deputy Research Leader, TeachLab, Southern Cross University, Australia.  

    Barnett Berry, Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute, South Carolina, United States.

    Jake Madden, Group Head of Schools, Aoba Schools Group, Japan. 

    David Spendlove, Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Manchester University, UK.  

    Megan Lee, Senior Teaching Fellow, Bond University, Australia.