1st Edition

The Teaching and Learning Playbook Examples of Excellence in Teaching

By Michael Feely, Ben Karlin Copyright 2023
    254 Pages 15 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    254 Pages 15 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Teaching and Learning Playbook is a book and online resource containing more than 100 techniques that teachers and school leaders can use to drive improvements in their schools. Each technique includes a summary of what the technique is, why it is important, the effect size and a four-step guide to how it should be performed. The Playbook provides a unique tool for teachers to identify how they can improve their teaching, and practise with absolute clarity on what they need to do next. All techniques are accompanied by a video to show the technique in action and spotlight the four key elements with detailed audio commentary to make it easier for teachers to replicate. These can all be found on the website: www.teachingandlearningplaybook.com

    Codifying the key skills for every teacher to get better and for every school leader to drive improvements in their school, the Playbook covers:

    • Routines for Learning
    • Questioning and Checking for Understanding
    • Modelling, Explaining and Feeding Back
    • Resilience, Independence and Retrieval
    • Curriculum
    • Beyond the Subject Classroom

    This essential resource provides a clear framework for teachers and school leaders to improve teaching and learning. Simple to use and easily integrated into CPD and coaching programmes, the Playbook will take your teaching to the next level.

    Introduction: The Teaching and Learning Playbook  Why don’t teachers get better?  1. Routines for Learning  2. Questioning and checking for understanding  3. Modelling, explaining and feeding back  4. Resilience, independence and retrieval  5. Curriculum  6. Beyond the subject classroom 


    Michael Feely is an experienced teacher and school leader. He is passionate about the transformative impact that education can have on children’s lives and those in their community. Michael is currently Principal of Dixons City Academy in Bradford.

    Ben Karlin has worked as a teacher and school leader in disadvantaged communities since 2010, as well as roles in the business and charity sectors. He is currently Fellow, Learning Design at Ambition Institute.

    "What is expert teaching? How might research help teachers improve their practice? And, crucially, how can schools ensure that teachers have a clear understanding of what great teaching looks like? In The Teaching and Learning Playbook, Feely and Karlin provide persuasive answers to these very tricky questions.

    In simple terms, this is a comprehensive, highly-practical manual for excellent teaching. Alongside helpful explanations of each pedagogical technique, the book also provides compelling and convincing video footage of what this might look like in the cut and thrust of a real classroom.

    With its exemplification of key teaching concepts, in one fascinating and cohesive volume, The Teaching and Learning Playbook is a game-changer for both school leaders and classroom teachers."

    Mark Roberts, Author, English Teacher, and Director of Research at Carrickfergus Grammar School

    "A superb directory of carefully chosen and categorised classroom techniques that every classroom teacher will be better for using. Simple to follow steps, along with video explanations makes this a bible of 'go to' strategies for every teacher, irrespective of their age or stage. I only wish I'd had access to this playbook of experience and expertise when I first started teaching!"

    Jon Tait, Education Author, Leader, and Speaker

    "Effective PD thrives when we have clarity and consensus around 'what good looks like'. The Playbook is the most comprehensive attempt to codify great teaching in the UK to date."

    Peps Mccrea, Dean, Ambition Institute

    "The Teaching and Learning Playbook is a great guide for those who want to get better, or who want to help others do the same. It is as useful for teacher educators as it is for classroom teachers. The seven barriers is a concise summary of the best available evidence on why getting better is tough, and what we can do about it. The playbook contains a precise, clear guide for what teachers can productively focus their efforts on, and the right ways to implement teaching techniques."

    Josh Goodrich, Founder Steplab, Teacher and Educator

    "The Teaching and Learning Playbook is essential reading for school leaders looking to ensure the highest outcomes for their pupils. What we know about most successful schools in the county is they have a high level of organisational clarity. The Playbook provides evidence and research based approaches to support school leaders in the implementation of dozens of proven school improvement strategies. This is all done with a level of detail that prevents them from transforming into ‘lethal mutations’ or less effective versions of the strategy. I will recommend the Playbook to my colleagues and use it in all the leadership coaching and training I undertake."

    Dr James Lane, Executive Headteacher and Leadership Coach

    "The Teaching and Learning Playbook’s premise of using clear models of excellence to evaluate teaching performance, combined with its video library, means it is an invaluable tool for teacher development. Its approach to developing a shared language of excellence and setting high standards for teaching is accessible and actionable."

    Sarah Ashton, Schools Week