1st Edition

The Transform and Data Compression Handbook

Edited By Kamisetty Ramam Rao, Patrick C. Yip Copyright 2001

    Data compression is one of the main contributing factors in the explosive growth in information technology. Without it, a number of consumer and commercial products, such as DVD, videophone, digital camera, MP3, video-streaming and wireless PCS, would have been virtually impossible. Transforming the data to a frequency or other domain enables even more efficient compression. By illustrating this intimate link, The Transform and Data Compression Handbook serves as a much-needed handbook for a wide range of researchers and engineers.

    The authors describe various discrete transforms and their applications in different disciplines. They cover techniques, such as adaptive quantization and entropy coding, that result in significant reduction in bit rates when applied to the transform coefficients. With clear and concise presentations of the ideas and concepts, as well as detailed descriptions of the algorithms, the authors provide important insight into the applications and their limitations. Data compression is an essential step towards the efficient storage and transmission of information. The Transform and Data Compression Handbook provides a wealth of information regarding different discrete transforms and demonstrates their power and practicality in data compression.

    The Karhunen-Love Transform.
    R.D. Dony
    The Discrete Fourier Transform.
    Ivan W. Selesnick and Gerald Schuller
    Comparametric Transforms for Transmitting Eye Tap Video with Picture Transfer Portocol (PTP).
    Steve Mann
    The Discrete Cosine and Sine Transforms.
    Vladimir Britanak
    Lapped Transforms for Image Compression.
    Ricardo L. de Queiroz and Trac D. Tran
    Wavelet Based Image Compression.
    James S. Walker and Truong Q. Nguyen
    Fractal Based Image and Video Compression.
    Guojun Lu
    Compression of Wavelet Transform Coefficients
    Xiaolin Wu


    Kamisetty Ramam Rao, Patrick C. Yip