1st Edition

The Vegetable Pathosystem Ecology, Disease Mechanism, and Management

Edited By Mohammad Ansar, Abhijeet Ghatak Copyright 2019
    578 Pages 14 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    578 Pages 14 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    578 Pages 14 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    Variability in vegetable pathogens is a critical issue, particularly in changing environments, as it presents challenges to accurate diagnoses and proper management. This book focuses on the diverse ecology of phytopathogens, covering the varying disease categories (acute, chronic, and emerging), the mechanisms involved in disease development, pathogen variability, and disease management. The book also discusses the preharvest and postharvest challenges that arise due to these phytopathogens.
    Key Features:
    • Provides an overview of phytopathogens that affect vegetables in various environmental conditions
    • Discusses how to manage vegetables affected by specific pathogens
    • Offers eco-friendly approaches to prevent postharvest diseases
    • Presents a comprehensive guide to identifying and addressing numerous diseases for individuals in the fields of horticulture


    1. <b>Phytophtora Blight in Potato: A Challenge Ahead in the Climate Change Scenario</b>
    <i>Mehi Lal, Saurabh Yadav, V. K. Dua, and Santosh Kumar</i>

    2. <b>Pathosystem in Cowpea: An Overview</b>
    <i>Santosh Kumar, Md. Erayya, Nadeem Akhtar, Mahesh Kumar, and Mehi Lal</i>

    3. <b>A Population Genetics Perspective of Ecology and Management of Phytophthora spp. Affecting Potato, Tomato, and Pointed Gourd in India</b>
    <i>Sanjoy Guha Roy</i>

    4. <b>Phytoplasma in Vegetable Pathosystem: Ecology, Infection Biology, and Management</b>
    <i>Nagendran Krishnan, Shweta Kumari, Koshlendra Kumar Pandey, Awadhesh Bahadur Rai, Bijendra Singh, and Karthikeyan Gandhi</i>

    5. <b>Ralstonia solanacearum: Pathogen Biology, Host-Pathogen Interaction, and Management of Tomato Wilt Disease</b>
    <i>Bhupendra S. Kharayat and Yogendra Singh</i>

    6. <b>Nematodes: Pest of Important Solanaceous Vegetable Crops and Their Management</b>
    <i>Ajay Kumar Maru, Tulika Singh, and Poonam Tapre</i>

    7. <b>Effect of Fungal Pathogen on Physiological Function of Vegetables</b>
    <i>Nishant Prakash, Erraya, Srinivas Raghvan, and Supriya Gupta</i>

    8. <b>Foliar Fungal Pathogens of Cucurbits</b>
    <i>Ashok Kumar Meena, Shankar Lal Godara, Prabhu Narayan Meena, and Anand Kumar Meena</i>

    9. <b>Yellow Vein Mosaic of Okra: A Challenge in the Indian Subcontinent</b>
    <i>Amit Kumar, R. B. Verma, Chandan Roy, and Randhir Kumar</i>

    10. <b>Disease Dynamics and Management of Vegetable Pathosystems</b>
    <i>Abhijeeet Ghatak</i>

    11. <b>Mechanism of Microbial Infection in Vegetables Diseases</b>
    <i>Vinod Upadhyay and Elangbam Premabati Devi</i>

    12. <b>Virus Diseases: An Inimitable Pathosystem of Vegetable Crop</b>
    <i>Mohammad Ansar, Aniruddha Kumar Agnihotri, and Srinivasaraghvan A. </i>

    13. <b>Begomovirus Diversity and Its Management in Leguminous Vegetables and Other Hosts</b>
    <i>Muhammad Naeem Sattar and Zafar Iqbal</i>

    14. <b>Biology and Molecular Epidemiology of Begomovirus Infection on Cucurbits Crops</b>
    <i>Bhavin S. Bhatt, Fenisha D. Chahwala, Sangeeta Rathore, Bijendra Singh, and Achuit K. Singh</i>

    15. <b>Diversity of Potyviruses and Their Extent in Vegetable Pathosystem</b>
    <i>Bhavin S. Bhatt, Sangeeta Rathore, Brijesh K. Yadav, Fenisha D. Chahwala, Bijendra Singh, and Achuit K. SinghM</i>

    16. <b>Soil-Borne Microbes: A Culprit of Nursery’s Juvenile Plants</b>
    <i>Puja Pandey and Bindesh Prajapati</i>

    17. <b>Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases in Vegetables</b>
    <i>Pardeep Kumar and R. K. Singh</i>

    18. <b>Postharvest Handling and Diseases and Disorders in Bulb Vegetables</b>
    <i>Sangeeta Shree and Amrita Kumari</i>

    19. <b>Management of Soil-Borne Diseases of Vegetable Crops Through Spent Mushroom Substrate</b>
    <i>Durga Prasad and Srinivasaraghavan A. </i>



    Mohammad Ansar, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Plant Pathology of Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), India. He established the Plant Virology Laboratory at BAU and acts as a coordinator of virology research. Dr. Ansar is also associated with a program in which he actively performs the research work of the All-India Coordinated Researches on vegetable crops. He has been the author or coauthor of many articles in research journals, book chapters, and conference papers. He has recently published an edited book, The Phytopathogen: Evolution and Adaptation.

    Abhijeet Ghatak, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology at Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), India. He is a member of a core research group and research monitoring committee at the BAU, helping to provide appropriate direction and to prioritize research. Dr. Ghatak is also engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, covering courses related to principles of plant pathology, field and medicinal crop diseases, epidemiology, and forecasting.