1st Edition

The Waves For Children Living With OCD

By Pia Jones Copyright 2023
    42 Pages 18 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    This beautifully illustrated and sensitive fairy tale has been created for children experiencing OCD (obsessive thoughts/compulsive behaviours). With engaging and gentle illustrations to help prompt conversation, it tells the story of a girl helped by an animal-guide to find ways to manage overwhelming feelings and intrusive thoughts. This book is also available to buy as part of the Therapeutic Fairy Tales, Volume 2 set, which includes The Sky Fox and Into The Forest.

    Therapeutic Fairy Tales Volume 1 (2021) and Volume 2 are both a series of short, modern tales dedicated to exploring challenging feelings and life situations that might be faced by young children.. Each fairy tale is designed to be used by parents, caregivers and professionals as they use stories therapeutically to support children’s mental and emotional health.

    Other books in the series include:

    • The Sky Fox: For Children Experiencing Loneliness And Isolation
    • Into The Forest: For Children Living With Anxiety
    • The Night Crossing: A Lullaby For Children On Life’s Last Journey
    • The Storm: For Children Growing Through Parents’ Separation
    • The Island: For Children With A Parent Living With Depression
    • Storybook Manual: An Introduction To Working With Storybooks Therapeutically And Creatively

    The Waves – part of the Therapeutic Fairy Tales series – is born out of a creative collaboration between Pia Jones and Sarah Pimenta.

    The Waves


    Pia Jones is an author, workshop facilitator and UKCP integrative arts psychotherapist, who trained at The Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education. Pia has worked with children and adults in a variety of school, health and community settings. Core to her practice, is using arts and story as support during times of loss, transition and change, giving a TEDx talk on the subject. She was Story Director on artgym’s award-winning film documentary, ‘The Moving Theatre,’ where puppetry brought to life real stories of people’s migrations. Pia also designed the ‘Sometimes I Feel’ story cards, a Speechmark therapeutic resource to support children with their feelings. www.silverowlartstherapy.com.

    Sarah Pimenta is an experienced artist, workshop facilitator and lecturer in creativity. Her specialist art form is print-making, and her creative practice has brought texture, colour and emotion into a variety of environments, both in the UK and abroad. Sarah has over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering creative, high-quality art workshops in over 250 schools, diverse communities and public venues, including the British Library, V&A, NESTA, Oval House and many charities. Her work is often described as art with therapeutic intent, and she is skilled in working with adults and children who have access issues and complex needs. Sarah is known as Social Fabric www.social-fabric.co.uk.

    Both Pia and Sarah hope these Therapeutic Fairy Tales can introduce the theme of nature as a resource, alongside art and storytelling, to children and families.

    "The Waves introduces the reader to a powerful story of the Girl who is consumed by her catastrophic thoughts driven by OCD. As someone who has had OCD in the past, The Waves, was sensitive, engaging and beautifully illustrated to try and help others understand the Girl’s internal world. It captures the feeling of being trapped by OCD so very well, and the way it can distance you socially from those around you. It also helps explain to other children why a child might behave in a certain way. But the story is also one of hope, how to help break the cycle of negative and magical thinking so often associated with OCD. This would be a wonderful book to be used in a range of places, from the home to school to therapy offices. I will start by buying it for myself and my own children."
    Sarah Johnson, Director, Phoenix Education Consultancy

    "I loved this book! It was insightful, well-illustrated and had engaging verses. The subject was handled sensitively, but directly which is a strength. It is validating to read and the narrative use of waves to illustrate fears and calm was excellent. I liked the co-regulation that occurred between the child and animal-helper, who guided her through her experiences of OCD and intrusive thoughts. The illustrations are beautiful and bring the story together – lovely images to get lost in. I have not read any other books that write about OCD in this way, and it certainly intrigued me. I can imagine this book being used by parents, schools and therapists."
    Kerry Murphy, author and lecturer in early years and SEND, Goldsmiths University

      "The Waves reminds us of the importance of warmth, connection and flow when suffering difficulties. Weaving together a sensitive story with beautiful images, The Waves shows us how to navigate the big waves of thoughts and feelings."
      Molly Wolfe, Art Psychotherapist, Sandplay Specialist

      "Learning to be calm and ‘in the moment’ when experiencing difficult feelings such as loneliness, sadness, worry or fear is a really important core life skill that helps us cope with everyday ups and downs as well as with more stressful situations. This set of three therapeutic fairy stories cleverly explains how we can learn to do this through connecting with nature. A truly wonderful set of resources – of value to us all and in particular to those with emotional or mental health difficulties."
      Sarah Temple, GP and author www.allemotionsareok.co.uk