1st Edition

There's a Writer in Our House! Strategies for Supporting and Encouraging Young Writers and Readers at Home

By Ann P. Kaganoff Copyright 2024
    306 Pages 3 Color Illustrations
    by Prufrock Press

    306 Pages 3 Color Illustrations
    by Prufrock Press

    There’s a Writer in Our House! is an invitation to parents of children in first grade through fifth grade interested in actively participating in their children’s early literacy learning from the very first steps.

    Founded upon well-researched literacy instructional methods that have been informed by the author’s clinical perspective as well as her years of experience with many kinds of learners, this book provides a valuable understanding of how both writing and reading contribute to child development in multiple areas. Chapters provide background concepts regarding grammar and specific critical thinking skills in both writing and reading as well as customizable, child-centered activities used to practice and build writing and reading comprehension skills.

    You will learn how to advance and encourage your child’s learning and communication skills by highlighting important literacy areas such as vocabulary development, background knowledge, and critical thinking. You will also learn to recognize and track the significant developmental achievements of your child as you proceed from the early to the more complex At-Home activities, as well as receive strategies for how to respond and give feedback in specific situations, such as when a child writes something that makes sense to the child but not to the parent, how to offer feedback that identifies and labels a child’s strengths, and how to collaborate effectively with a child who is just developing new interests or a new willingness to try something that previously seemed “hard.”

    Practical, accessible, and most importantly, fun, this book is a must-read for all parents, regardless of background, seeking to support their children’s ongoing literacy development confidently and effectively.

    Introduction: The Invitation Part 1: The Emerging Writer 1. Setting the Stage for Success: Understanding the WHY and the HOW 2. The At-Home Model for Young Writers and Readers: Questions and Answers 3. At-Home Writing Activities: Getting Started and Keeping Going 4. The Young Writer’s Assets: Background Knowledge, Vocabulary, and Thinking Skills 5. The Writer’s Toolbox: Words, Sentences, and Paragraphs 6. Connecting Writing to Book Reading 7. Getting Creative Part 2: The Emerging Reader 8. The At-Home Model for New Readers: The Language Experience Approach (LEA) 9. Expanding Reading Development with the Language Experience Approach 10. Building Critical Thinking Skills At-Home Part 3. Meeting Today's Challenges for Parents 11. Parents in a Supporting Role About the Author


    Ann P. Kaganoff, PhD and Board Certified Educational Therapist, has been active in the field of education for over six decades, at every level from pre-school to graduate school. She is a Past President of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET). She has been a frequent presenter at conferences on topics related to literacy and the practice of educational therapy. She also serves as a mentor and trainer for new and veteran educational therapists. She is the author of Best Practices in Educational Therapy (Routledge 2019), a book dedicated to furthering the practice of educational therapy.

    “For many reasons, schools don't spend enough time on writing development for all children, even though it’s an imperative, lifelong skill. Dr. Ann Kaganoff’s There’s a Writer in Our House! is an essential tool for any parent, guardian, or teacher who is committed to helping a child develop writing and reading skills. With Dr. Kaganoff’s instruction and explanations, a parent or a teacher can become an ‘Informed Guide,’ learning not just what to do, but how and why each recommended activity is important. The book’s At-Home Model supports literacy development using personalized prompts that will engage your child in the process. Writing and reading don’t just happen. These skills need to be taught, practiced, nurtured, and celebrated!”

    Lori K. Dver, MA, BCET, President of the Association of Educational Therapists

    “Would you like to help your child build comfort and confidence in their writing and reading skills? Dr. Ann Kaganoff, an acclaimed educational therapist, provides well-thought-out and easy-to-use strategies that parents can use to encourage their children in the development of writing and reading skills. These easy, yet effective ways to customize and personalize writing instruction are based upon your child’s strengths and interests. These strategies are fundamental to all effective instructional practices. Parents and educators need this inspirational book!”

    Daniel Franklin, PhD, BCET, author of Helping Your Child with Language-Base Learning Disabilities

    “Readers will benefit from Dr. Kaganoff’s extensive knowledge as a classroom teacher, teacher educator, staff developer, and educational therapist. With six decades of experience, she is a member of a rare class of educational professionals who have much to share, and we are lucky enough to have access to her wealth of knowledge in this book.”

    Dr. Diana Arya, Associate Professor in Education and Faculty Director, McEnroe Reading and Language Arts Clinic, University of California, Santa Barbara

    There’s a Writer in Our House! is a gift not only to parents, but to teachers and clinicians as well. Dr. Ann Kaganoff, a master teacher and clinician, has written a comprehensive, clear, well organized, and easy to follow guide to helping children find joy in developing the writer within them. It is a valuable resource that belongs on the bookshelf of every parent and teacher of an elementary school child.”

    Nan Freund, MEd, BCET, FAET, Board Certified Educational Therapist, Past President of the Association of Educational Therapists