1st Edition

Thinking, Reasoning, and Decision Making in Autism

Edited By Kinga Morsanyi, Ruth M.J. Byrne Copyright 2020
    172 Pages
    by Routledge

    172 Pages
    by Routledge

    Thinking, Reasoning, and Decision Making in Autism provides fresh insights into the cognitive processes that underlie some of the typical characteristics of autism. Autism has long been considered an enigma, and no single theory so far has been able to explain, or even fully describe, the key characteristics of the autistic mind. From the interdisciplinary perspective of new research in cognitive psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and neuroscience, this book explores thinking, reasoning, and decision making in autism.

    The new cognitive approaches challenge some of the existing assumptions of the nature of thought in autism, including presumed areas of impairments. Instead, this book focuses on the nuanced array of cognitive signatures that characterize the autistic mind, and in many cases it reveals the possibility of intact performance alongside instances of remarkably enhanced thinking. The book considers the implications of these characteristics, providing in-depth analyses of specific areas of cognitive functioning, and their everyday manifestations.

    Featuring contributions from world-leading researchers from the fields of cognitive science and autism research, this volume will be essential reading for advanced students and researchers, as well as those working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

    Chapter 1

    How do Individuals with Autism Think?

    Kinga Morsanyi and Ruth M.J. Byrne

    Chapter 2

    The Dual Process Theory of Autism

    Chris Ashwin and Mark Brosnan

    Chapter 3

    Decision-Making Processes of High-Functioning Adults on the Autism Spectrum

    Irwin P. Levin, Gary J. Gaeth, Aron M. Levin, and Eleanor V. Burke

    Chapter 4

    Analogical Reasoning in Autism: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Kinga Morsanyi, Dušan Stamenković, & Keith J. Holyoak

    Chapter 5

    Counterfactual and False-Belief Reasoning in Individuals with Autism

    Celia Rasga, A. Cristina Quelhas, and Ruth M.J. Byrne

    Chapter 6

    Pragmatic Reasoning in Autism

    Bart Geurts, Mikhail Kissine, and Bob van Tiel

    Chapter 7

    Reasoning and Discourse Coherence in Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Keith Stenning and Michiel Van Lambalgen


    Dr. Kinga Morsanyi is a Lecturer in Psychology at the School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast, UK. Her main research focus is on reasoning skills and mathematics abilities, including the typical and atypical development of these skills.

    Dr. Ruth M.J. Byrne is the Professor of Cognitive Science in the School of Psychology and Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin, Ireland. She carries out experimental and computational studies of human reasoning and imaginative thought.