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    by Psychology Press

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    by Routledge

    This special issue focuses on temporal dynamics in teams. Drawing on the distinction between differential and temporal (or variable vs. process) research, recent theories and research practices in the field of team research are discussed to better understand the gap between research objectives and methods in team research. The diverse conceptual, methodological, and empirical articles that make up the special issue illustrate ways of narrowing this gap and thus provide some future directions for the study of time and change in teams.

    Time and change in teams: Where we are and where we are moving, Cross-cultural differences in perception of time: Implications for multinational teams, For better or for worse: The effect of superior and inferior teammate performance on changes in challenge/threat cardiovascular responses, Introducing an intra-team longitudinal approach to the study of team process dynamics, Setting the tone: Early interaction patterns in swift starting teams as a predictor of effectiveness, Chaotic dynamics and team effectiveness: Evidence from professional basketball.


    Bertolt Meyer, Christine Gockel, Robert Roe, Franziska Tschan